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Posted by inbloomflorist on June 9, 2016 | Last Updated: June 22, 2017 Flower Info

Boys And Blooms

GroupShotFathersDay_OrlandoMagJared_Portrait_SquareIn Bloom Florist is in the business of making our customers happy. Recently, we invited ten gentlemen into our shop and they participated in a floral focus group. Due to their requests, we found a growing need to cater to our more masculine clientele.  Men have always been the dominate floral giver, however, now they are buying more for themselves. They are asking for flowers as tokens of thanks, congratulations, birthdays and promotions. Men are the future of floral and they are shifting their buying beyond “earning brownie points”. The purchases of halos, leis, terrariums and modern arrangements are at an all time high.

Men are moving beyond tropicals, and settling into more traditional arrangements. They are just as informed of floral trends and are enjoying the beauty that florals offer. They are setting the industry shift and we are happy to follow!

Tyler_Portrait_withouthands Alex_Portrait_Square