Rochelle + Selena: Galentines

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Rochelle and Selena have been a part of our In Bloom family for over 3 years. Rochelle is our Events Manager, ensuring the vision for every In Bloom bride is carried out flawlessly. Selena is our Sales Manager, leading all of our sales associates and ensuring our day-to-day processes run smoothly. They both joined the In Bloom family around the same time and have grown to be great friends (Rochelle is even planning Selena’s wedding in March)! This Galentine’s day, we wanted to highlight their friendship!

Our Sales Manager, Selena (Left) and our Events Manager, Rochelle (Right).


What was your first interaction like?

Rochelle: “I feel like I introduced myself super awkwardly/goofy and then we bonded about Disney.”

Selena: “Rochelle was just hired on as an assistant to our (at the time) wedding coordinator, and was so excited to be working in the industry. She was energetic, bubbly, and so sweet, and immediately I knew she would be one of my closest friends in the shop!”

What do you admire about each other?

Rochelle: “I admire Selena’s constant positive attitude. Even if she’s not feeling too well, I know she will always put on a smiling face and get through everything.”

Selena: “I admire Rochelle’s drive and how motivated she is to help our wedding department, and in turn our company, grow. She is always promoting the shop at local social networking events, and finding new partnering vendors that will help to cross promote our company.”

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Rochelle: “EAT FOOD!!”

Selena: “Outside of work we are both Disney nerds, so we love to visit the parks together any chance we get!”

What do you like most about your friendship?

Rochelle: “That it came so easy. From the moment we met, I knew she was someone I clicked with. We have the same sarcastic humor, we LOVE Disney and she’s someone that I know I can come to for anything.”

Selena: “I can tell Rochelle anything and know that she will never judge me for it! I always feel comfortable around her and know she is there to help with anything.”

How will you celebrate each other this Galentine’s Day?

Rochelle: “By gifting her with my presence! Haha, In all seriousness, we will both be working this Valentine’s Day, so I know we will be each other’s support and comic relief during the craziness.”

Selena: “With my wedding being next month, Rochelle has been such a blessing to have around, using her experience and expertise to help with all of the last minute things you would never think of! I will definitely owe her a Galentine’s cocktail at Epcot.”

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