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For custom colors and florals, please give us a call or come in-store.

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Please Note:

Corsages and boutonnieres are for pick-up only.

Due to the time and labor it takes to design a corsage and boutonniere, each order requires at least 24 hours before picking up.

The options on our website are not customizable. For custom colors and florals please give us a call or come in-store.

Homecoming corsages and boutonnieres are a wonderful addition to the excitement of this special occasion. These floral accessories add an elegant touch to the attire of homecoming-goers, creating a timeless tradition that celebrates the beauty of flowers and the spirit of the event. For those attending homecoming dances, wearing a carefully crafted corsage or boutonniere is a way to express personal style and sentiment. The corsage, typically worn by the young woman, is a delicate wrist or pinned bouquet, while the boutonniere, worn by the young man, is a smaller, coordinating flower arrangement pinned to the lapel. These floral accents not only complement the formal wear but also serve as a keepsake to cherish the memories of this special night. Whether it's a classic rose corsage or a custom design that reflects personal preferences, homecoming corsages and boutonnieres add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to an already unforgettable evening.