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Fresh Plants and Gift Boxes for Valentine's Day, delivered with same-day delivery throughout Orlando, Lake Mary, Central Florida and beyond!

Valentine's Day is a symphony of expressions, and there is no better way to compose your love than with Plants and Gift Boxes from In Bloom Florist, a local artisan of affection serving the Greater Orlando/Lake Mary area. This year, go beyond the expected and cultivate a growing testament of your affection with a living plant. A plant is a metaphor for love itself—enduring, ever-growing, and alive with possibility.

In Bloom Florist understands that each leaf and petal tells a story, and their plant selections are curated to create narratives of love that continue to unfold. From the luscious peace lilies that whisper sweet serenades of tranquility to the passionate hues of anthuriums that boldly declare a heart's fiery intent, each plant is a chapter in your romantic journey. And let's not forget the indulgence of a gift box, thoughtfully composed to tantalize the senses and unwrap the layers of your devotion. Imagine a collection of hand-selected chocolates, aromatic candles, and luxurious bath products, each item a note in the melody of your affection. Or perhaps a gourmet array of cheeses and wines that invite a shared experience, a dance of flavors and company.

In Bloom Florist doesn't just deliver; they transport. With their attentive service and local touch, they transform Valentine's Day into an immersive experience, transcending the ordinary. The beauty of their plants is matched only by the depth of their gift boxes, ensuring that your Valentine's celebration is not just a day but a memory etched in the heart, an ever-blooming garden of love.