We are so thankful that you wanted to work with In Bloom Florist for an upcoming need. We are committed to supporting organizations in our community through in-kind donations and discount pricing on fundraising events. Please know that we do genuinely care and carefully consider all incoming requests, however we will not be able to accommodate them all.


Please help us to determine if our mission to serve the community through your request meets our giving guidelines by completing the online application form below. Please upload your Tax Exempt Form and 501c3 certificate to the application. Your request will be reviewed and a representative of In Bloom Florist will respond to your request via email or by calling you directly.


We respectfully ask that you complete the Donation Request Form and give us no less than two weeks to process your request and prefer at least one month before the date of your event; failure to do so may impact our ability to meet your request.

Please include your Tax-Exempt Form and 501c3 certificate, if applicable.

From everyone at In Bloom Florist, thank you for all that you do to support our community!