Join us for our design workshops! Our fabulous designers will walk you through your very own design.



Favorites in Workshops

Our in-person workshops are a chance for you to learn how to design! Become immersed in flowers at our store while you step into the shoes of our floral designers for an evening. Looking for a virtual or at-home class? Purchase one of our DIY kits to do it yourself at home!

Attending an in-person workshop to learn the art of flower arrangement can be an incredibly enriching experience for anyone!

These hands-on sessions provide a unique opportunity to dive deep into the world of floral design. Picture this: you walk into a cozy, flower-filled studio, surrounded by the fragrant symphony of blooms. An experienced instructor guides you through the process, sharing tips and tricks that simply can't be conveyed through a screen. You get to feel the textures, smell the scents, and experiment with different elements to create your own masterpiece. It's a chance to connect with fellow floral enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and gain new perspectives on this ever-evolving craft. In-person workshops not only enhance your skills but also rekindle your passion for floral artistry, making them a must for anyone looking to bloom. Connect with In Bloom Florist!