In this bundle we include three fan-favorite houseplants: a 6

Easy Care Plant Trio

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About the Easy Care Plant Trio

Whether you are a beginner plant parent just starting out with your plant collection or a seasoned plant expert that loves low-maintenance plants, this easy-to-care-for houseplant trio is the perfect way to fill your space with new, low maintenance greenery! In this bundle we include three fan-favorite houseplants: a 6" Golden Pothos, a 6" Snake Plant, and a 6" Bird's Nest Fern, all potted in a stylish planter of your choice to match your home aesthetics. These plants make the perfect addition to any growing indoor jungle!  

Care Instructions:

Pothos (pictured Left)

Light: Low light to medium indirect light. If outside, place in full shade. If indoors, place somewhere where it gets low to medium levels of light. 

Water: Make sure soil dries between waterings, watering generally once every week and a half

Snake Plant (pictured Middle)

Light: Indoors, place in indirect low to medium light. Outdoors, keep in full shade. 

Water: Water only once soil has dried completely through. 

Bird's Nest Fern (pictured Right)

Light: Keep out of direct sunlight. Prefers indirect sunlight indoors, or in a fully shaded area outdoors. 

Water: Water about one to two times a week, keeping soil moist but not soggy.

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