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Posted by In Bloom Florist on March 30, 2023 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Flower Info

April Flower of the Month: Iris

April Flower Of The Month: Iris

Family: Iridaceae

April showers bring Iris blossoms! This month we are celebrating a favorite among the many Spring florals, Iris. These vibrant and unique flower buds can be seen in gardens around your neighborhood and in our fresh flower cooler all month long! Learn about some fun facts and how to care for them below.


Native To: Europe and Asia

In The Wild:  At a water’s edge, the wild iris can be found in various locations. They can be found blooming in the Springtime in meadows, at the bottom of mountains, or other moist environments.

Iris Care

In a Vase

Iris flourishes in a vase of clean water 5-7 days with proper flower food. Do not put too many in one vase and always pinch off wilted blooms to maintain a clean water environment. Refresh your water and flower food mixture every 2 days and re-cut the stems during this process.

Growing in your garden:

Florida provides an ideal climate for growing iris in your gardens at home. The warmth and humidity make the perfect environment. Iris can be planted in Spring or Fall and utilize a mix of organic materials such as peat or compost. They grow best where the sun will hit them and should be planted 8 inches from other blooms.

Symbolism and Fun Facts

Iris flowers have a unique bud that is not similar to any other growing flower.

They come in approximately 280 species!

These species come in varying colors such as purple, white, pink, yellow, and so much more.

These flowers have been around since the Ancient Greeks.

Part of the iris have been used medicinally.

The iris can be considered, “bearded”, or “beardless”.



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