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Posted by In Bloom Florist on June 1, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Plant Info

June Plant: Snake Plant

Our June Plant Of The Month:

Snake Plant
Dracaena Trifasciata

Our June plant of the month, the “Snake Plant” or, “Mother-in-law’s Tounge” is one of the most popular, easy-care plants that you can find just about anywhere in warmer climates. They can be placed indoors in any space or found growing outside in Florida. Learn some fun facts and care tips below.

Origin & Fun Facts
(so you can be the expert)


Native To: Tropical West Africa

In The Wild: You can find them all around West and South Africa as well as growing just about anywhere in Florida and Hawaii.

Species: There are around 70 different species of Sansevieria with varying types.

Fun Fact: Snake plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, while most plants do this during the day. It makes the ideal houseplant for your bedroom to purify the air, provide good oxygen and it can survive low-light!

Caring is Preparing
(for the elements)


Snake plants prefer indirect low to medium light. This being said, they can survive in almost any condition if watered properly according to the space.


Any room is suitable! Never place in direct sunlight just in case of sunburn and to avoid having to water it more frequently.


They don’t mind shady areas or the sun but water accordingly and watch out for sunburn!


In the hot Summer months, once every week to two weeks is good! Only water when the soil is completely dry in the cooler months.

Signs of too much water:

Root rot, mushy leaves.

Signs of too little water:

Dry soil and crispy leaves.

Styling Your Snake Plant
(in the perfect location)


If you have a large snake plant indoors, use it as a decor element in the corner of your rooms or next to your couch! These plants have such a cool pattern on them with varying shades of green and yellow, which brings in a unique textural element to your home.


You’ll find snake plants growing all over the sides of houses, straight from the ground but you can also plant them in a pot and place them on your patio or next to your doorsteps. They will thrive anywhere with proper care.


Snake plants are toxic to humans and pets. Keep these out of reach of any nibbling animals and small children!


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