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Posted by In Bloom Florist on April 26, 2023 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Flower Info

May Flower of the Month: Hyacinth

April Flower Of The Month: Hyacinth


Family: Asparagaceae

We are excited to announce our May flower of the month, hyacinth! These Spring blooms are incredibly fragrant and have the cutest buds around. Find out some fun facts, care tips, & more below!


Native To: Eurasia, Mediterranean, and Southern Turkey

In The Wild:  As a perennial wildflower, hyacinth can be found in moist meadows, in the open woods, or even on the edge of streams. The angusta is a wild hyacinth variety.

Hyacinth Care

In a Vase

Hyacinths in a vase are a little tricky. They are short-stemmed flowers that are hardy and delicate. Every 2 days cut your stems about an inch at an angle and change out the water. Be sure that the water is only up to the base of the bulb. Place your vase in a bright indirectly lit area of your home and turn the vase every few days to keep them from drooping towards the sun. Feed your water with flower food and keep them away from your pets because hyacinths can be toxic to pets if they nibble at them.

Growing in your garden:

Grow your hyacinth bulb in Florida indoors! Hyacinths are typically found growing in gardens in northern regions, however, if you pre-chill your hyacinth bulbs in Florida they could still bloom beautifully in this hot and humid climate. Do your research and be patient. You may have to store your hyacinth bulbs for up to 10 weeks in a cool dark place to get them to bloom.


Symbolism and Fun Facts

Hyacinth bloom in the early Spring at the same time as daffodils!

They are bulb flowers, which store their entire life cycle underground.

They are extremely fragrant flowers, smelling sweet and spicy.

The colors you can find hyacinth in are white, cream, blue, purple, pink, red, apricot, and lavender.

There are 3 different types of hyacinth. Single, Double, and Multifloral.

Their blooms are star-shaped.

Hyacinth are toxic so we recommend keeping them away from pets and kids.


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