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Posted by In Bloom Florist on October 16, 2020 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Plant Info

November Plant: Zanzibar Gem (ZZ Plant)

Our November Plant Of The Month:

Zanzibar Gem or ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia


A favorite among plant lovers and our newest addition to the plant family, the Zanzibar Gem (commonly known as the ZZ Plant) is a fan favorite among us here at In Bloom. Due to it’s resilient nature, the ZZ Plant is an easy-care plant that requires little to no attention. The ZZ plant can add an edgy bold design element to any space. Read more below…

Origin & Fun Facts
(so you can be the expert)


Native To: Eastern Africa

In The Wild: The original habitat ZZ plants are found in is grasslands and forest areas. Now these plants grow all over the world.

Species: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is a tounge-twister of a name which contributes to its abbreviated name, “ZZ” or “Zanzibar Gem.” It is in the aroid family, Araceae.

Fun Fact: This plant has thick succulent roots and can live for months with little to no water.

Caring is Preparing
(for the elements)


Medium to low indirect light.


Indoors your ZZ Plant can be stored in any room with a window, even if there is little to no light or bright sunshine. We suggest putting your plant in indirect light to avoid sunburn and in a place there is at least some light to sustain its color and to look it’s best.


ZZ Plants will not do well in bright harsh sunlight especially in the hot summer months. If you live somewhere the temperature drops below 40 degrees, we recommend keeping your plant indoors during the winter to avoid freezing.

Signs of too much sun:

Scorched, sunburnt leaves.


Allow the soil to completely dry between waterings. ZZ Plants can survive for months with little to no water but can easily be overwatered.

Feel to the bottom of the soil to check for dampness. If the bottom is not fully dry, wait to water.

Signs of too much water:

Consistent yellowing leaves that fall off.

Signs of too little water:

Completely dried soil and drooping leaves are good signs it is watering time!

Styling The ZZ Plant
(in the perfect location)


ZZ Plants make a unique addition to interior design. Mid-Century Modern décor elements pair well with these hardy, bold green plants. Place in a terracotta pot or a basket to add contrast to your space. The shiny, smooth green leaves contrast beautifully with rough, earthy containers. They can be placed in any room to add an element of greenery to your space.


If you would love to have your ZZ Plant outside, make sure it is placed in the shade where direct sunlight will not burn or dry out the leaves. ZZ plants can get up to 5 feet, placing them on a back patio that is covered from the elements or out front on a year-round porch would be a perfect placement for these hardy plant friends.


All parts of the ZZ Plant are toxic to humans and pets. Be extra careful when propagating and placing your plant where animals and children can reach it. The sap may cause irritation to skin and ingesting it will cause complications.


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