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Posted by In Bloom Florist on August 30, 2022 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Flower Info

September Flower of the Month: Gladiolus

September Flower Of The Month:

Family: Iridaceae


The September flower of the month is the gladiolus! These tall, colorful blooms symbolize honor and remembrance. They have elegant trumpet-like flowers and their long stalks resemble a gladiator’s sword! Scroll down to learn more.



Native To: These flowers come from South Africa but they can be found in Mediterranean Europe and Asia.

In The Wild: Glads come from corms, even though they are called bulb flowers. Corms grow underground and gladiolus grow from them!

Gladiolus Care

Gladiolus have hardy, tall stems that can last 10-14 days in an arrangement that is properly cared for. Always use floral food-treated water and change the water out every 2 days, as you change out the water make sure you are trimming the stems 1-2 inches, and pulling off the flowers at the bottom of the stem. Changing out your water will promote growth in the blooms on top of the stalk and keep the water clear of bacteria.

Growing in your garden:

Gladiolus make a great addition to your Summer garden with all of the various colors they bloom in and the tall height at which they grow! You can start planting gladioli in the Spring and continue planting throughout early Summer. The glad corms take anywhere between 60-90 days to grow and blossom once they are planted. This will allow your Summer garden to have fresh blooming glads all throughout Summer and Fall.

Symbolism and Fun Facts

Gladiolus comes from the Iris family.

The other name for them is the “Sword Lily”.

Glads don’t usually carry a scent but smaller varieties are reminiscent of a rose.

There are 200-300 species of Gladioli.

Their symbolism is honor and remembrance.

They are named after the Latin word “gladius” meaning sword, for their sword-like stalks.

We tend to use these beautiful blooms in funeral floral work.

Glads look delightful on their own gathered in a tall floor vase, adding a modern touch to any space.


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