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Posted by In Bloom Florist on October 8, 2020 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 DIY Holiday

3 DIY Botanical-Themed Halloween Costumes

DIY-Halloween Costumes In Bloom style! Whether you are a plant lover or a flower child, we have our annual Halloween Costume inspiration blog for you. Read on for more…


1. Plant Parents

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 Adult White T-shirts
  • 2 Child Size Green T-shirts
  • Cardboard
  • 2 Baskets or Nursery Pots (child size)
  • String or Rope (thin and the color of pot)
  • 1 Faux or Real Flower
  • 1 Headband
  • White Pipe Cleaners
  • Packing Tape
  • Tape Measure or Ruler
  • Writing Utensil
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Iron-on Letters
  • Box Cutter or Scissors
  • Paint (Light Green, Dark Green, White, Black, Yellow)
  • Paint Brushes (Foam, roller or thick bristle brushes)


How to

Plant Parents:

  1. Iron on, “Plant Mom” and, “Plant Dad” onto the adult t-shirts. Plant Parents, you are now finished, onto the children!

Plant Children


  1. Take your white pipe cleaners and cut these into 1-inch pieces, enough to cover the front and/or back of one of your child-sized green t-shirts and bend each piece in the middle. Hot glue each corner of your 1-inch pieces to cover one of the green child size t-shirts to create your cactus.
  2. Take your large flower (if you don’t already have a flower crown) and glue this to your headband to create a blooming flower crown for the cactus costume.
  3. Take whichever nursery pot or basket you want to use for the Cactus and cut a round piece out of the bottom using scissors or a box cutter, big enough for your kids legs to fit in. If your pot or basket does not already have handles to use for the arms follow the next step: Tie your string or thin rope and weave through your basket or in a hole on either side of your container. These will be where the arms go through to hold the container up! (Make sure you have your child try it on so you can adjust the straps)
The cactus costume is now finished!

Snake Plant:

  1. Take your cardboard and make alternating sized “leaves” for the Snake Plant costume. Measure and draw out curved leaf-like shapes that are long enough to cover half of your child and make enough to cover the top rim around the basket or pot. Cut these out of the cardboard with scissors or a box cutter. (Make these different sizes and shapes because plants are perfect!)
  2. Once you have your snake plant leaves all cut out it is time to paint!

    1. Paint each, “leaf” front and back with your bright green paint and allow it to dry.
    2. Once the green is dry, mark alternating dark green lines up and down each leaf and repeat this with a lighter green. Before these dry, take a mini paint roller or sponge and slightly blend this up and down to give the paint some texture. If you over-blend, paint again when it is fully dried. (You may have to alternate between the different shades of green until you create a pattern similar to a real Snake Plant – click for reference)
    3. Once all of your paint is dried, paint a yellow outline around the outside of every leaf.
  3. While your paint dries, you can assemble the pot or basket! Like above, cut out a circular piece out of the bottom of your other pot or basket you are using (big enough for the legs to fit). Poke holes in the sides, if there are no handles, and put strings through to create straps to hold the container up (measure your child to determine the length of string needed).
  4. It is time to start attaching your, “leaves” to the inside top of the container. Start by hot gluing them to the inside of your container and alternate the sizes of cardboard you use so it resembles a real Snake Plant.
  5. Place the container on your child and adjust the leaves and straps accordingly.

Now you have a whole Plant Family!

2. Monster-a!

What you’ll need:

  • Large Cardboard
  • Scissors/Box Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Monstera Leaves (sold in-store)
  • Green Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Fangs or Fake Blood (optional)
  • Face Paint (optional)
  • Green Paint
  • Glue Dots or Hot Glue Gun

How to:

  1. Cut out a large Monstera leaf shape from the cardboard. Start out by cutting a hole for your face to stick through so that the Monstera cardboard “leaf” is surrounding your head. Then, cut a heart shape surrounding the head hole. After the heart shape is cut, cut triangle shapes out of each side that match each other and a couple random oval shaped holes throughout the leaf, (reference photo).
  2. Paint the whole cardboard Monstera any shade of green.
  3. Take Monstera Leaf cuttings (can be purchased in our shop) and glue dots or extra sticky tape to attach onto the green long sleeve shirt.
  4. Stick extra cuttings into the face hole to add depth.
  5. Add whatever monster-like additions you desire to your costume, (fangs, fake blood, mask or face paint to make it even more scary).

You are now a scary Monster-a! (or Monstera Plant)

3. In Bloom Carry Out Box


What you’ll need is:

  • White Box (or a box and white paint)
  • String or rope for straps
  • Tape
  • In Bloom Florist Logo
  • Real or Silk Flowers & Greenery (sold in-store)
  • Cellophane

How to:

  1. Paint your box white then print out the In Bloom Florist logo to tape on the front of the box.
  2. Cut off the bottom flaps of the carboard so that your legs can stick through the box. Fold the top flaps in.
  3. Hole punch the front 2 corners of the box and the back 2 corners. Using string or rope, make “straps” to hang the box from your shoulders. Make this long enough to rest on your shoulders to hold the box up.
  4. Using glue dots or tape, attach clear cellophane in and around the top of the box – in the front, side and back of the box.
  5. Once in the box, place your real or silk flowers and greenery inside the cellophane and around the box at your waistline. You can wear a belt or elastic band around your waist to stick the stems in. You can attach it with tape or hot glue if it does not fit comfortably without falling out of the box. If you’d like to use real flowers and want to keep them from wilting, use floral water tubes/picks to put each stem in before attaching inside the box.
  6. Pair with an actual arrangement that matches your costume!

You are now officially an In Bloom Florist carry-out box & flower arrangement!