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Posted by In Bloom Florist on April 23, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Holiday Other Plant Info

Earth Day: Upcycling the Blooming Butterfly Garden

Happy Earth Day!

Learn how to reduce, re-use and recycle our most popular Spring arrangement: Blooming Butterfly Garden!

Our Blooming Butterfly Garden arrangement can be re-used in many ways. If your first reaction to wilting flowers is to throw the whole arrangement in the garbage, don’t do it! The container, butterflies, succulents, oranges and flowers can all be salvaged and re-used for other purposes. Find out more below.


1. Butterfly Decor

Stay on the butterfly trend! The butterflies in this arrangement are reusable! Whether you want to add them to a gallery wall as decor or placed in your garden, they add the perfect touch of nature to any space.


2. Hang-Dried Floral

Once your arrangement starts to wilt, take out the floral that’s still going! You can tie them together and hang them upside down. After a couple weeks you will notice them drying and they will be preserved for a lifelong bouquet. The roses, hydrangea and greenery will all preserve very well.

3. Succulent Propogation

Do not throw the succulents out! Take out the succulents in your arrangement and carefully unwind the wire and take it out of the base of the succulents. Fill up a container with soil and place them on top. Keep them in a window for a few weeks to a month and watch the roots appear! If the base is ruined by the wire, you can also propogate the leaves by plucking them off of the succulent and placing that in soil as well. Watch our succulent propogation video for more!


4. Repot a Plant

The container the Blooming Butterfly Garden is in fits a 6″ plant, perfectly! Re-pot any of your houseplants in the container or even use it for a new flower arrangement! If you have no use for the container, we will happily take it back to recycle and re-use it again, just drop it off at either of our locations.


5. Compost the Oranges

The oranges in this arrangement are not edible but you can definitely compost them! Save the earth and reduce waste. Compost them in small pieces or rip them up and place them in the soil to decompose!

Want to learn more? Watch our IG Reel to see the full video on how we upcycled the Blooming Butterfly Garden!