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Posted by In Bloom Florist on October 17, 2019 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Holiday

4 Easy DIY Botanical-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Starting to plan your DIY Halloween costume, or need a last-minute idea? You’re in luck! We’ve already scoured the internet (and came up with a few ideas of our own) to curate the best botanical-themed DIY costumes.

1. Life-size Terrarium


When we saw this idea on from blogger, Aww Sam and we had to try it for ourselves. It may look like you need to be a crafting genie to create this masterpiece, but to our surprise, it’s actually pretty easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An assortment of green, pink and coral foam
  • Various shades of pink pompoms
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Foam spheres
  • Grey paint
  • Scissors
  • A white foam poster board
  • White or tan paper shred
  • Green ribbon
  • Packing tape
  • Green dress or oversize green t-shirt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic poster frame

How to:

  1. To create these cute cacti, cut two U shapes from the same color green foam. Then, cut a slit in the bottom center of one the U’s, and a slit in the top center of the other– roughly three quarters in. Slide the two pieces together. It’s up to you on how many cacti you would like in your terrarium, and we recommend using a different shade of green for each. To bring some character into your plants, place a pink pompom on the tops of each. Cut your white pipe cleaners to make the cactus spikes and hot glue them to the sides of your foam creations. Use the coral foam to line the edges of a few, and there you have your cacti!
  2. To make the base of your terrarium, draw a circle large enough that you can wear in on the white foam board. Cut the center out and round off the edges. After you have your extra-large doughnut shape, hot glue the paper shred over the entirety of the surface. Then take your cacti and glue them close together around where you want the front of your costume to be.
  3. To create your rocks, slice the surface to create jagged edges, cut the bottom off and paint them grey. Place them around your cacti and glue them down.
  4. After you have everything in place, attach the acrylic poster frame sides around the edge of your base using the clear packing tape. This will act as your terrarium glass. It’s not necessary for the poster to cover your back, just the front is perfect!
  5. Take your green ribbon and use the packing tape to place it like overall straps on the top of the acrylic poster. Bring the ribbon down to the back of the base and attach with your tape. Repeat this on the other side. We recommend doubling up on tape, just for extra strength.
  6. Throw on your green dress or oversize t-shirt, step into your homemade terrarium and you’re ready to go!

2. The Bachelor/Bachelorette


We saw this one all over the internet. Who will you give your rose to this Halloween? If you’re looking to make a quick statement costume, this is the one for you.

What you’ll need:

  • A suit or dress
  • Red roses

How to:

  1.  Dress your best for the occasion.
  2. Stop by In Bloom Florist to pick up some red roses. Feel free to grab as many roses as you hope to pass out! (Pro tip: Stop by during our Happy Hour from 4-6pm on a Friday to get your roses at half-off!)
  3. Give your roses out in true Bachelor style.






3. Happy Hour Wrap



Speaking of Happy Hour… for all the flower wrap lovers out there, do we have the costume for you! Become your own In Bloom Florist flower wrap.

What you’ll need is:

  • A large cut of kraft paper
  • In Bloom Florist sticker
  • A few extra-large flowers and greenery (real or faux)
  • Raffia or ribbon

How to:

  1. Wrap yourself like a burrito in the kraft paper. You may need some assistance in this matter. Fold the top paper edges on a diagonal for a more authentic look.
  2. Tie the raffia or ribbon around your waist with a bow in the center.
  3. Place your greenery and flowers inside your wearable wrap. Make sure your flowers/greenery stems hit below your raffia/ribbon belt to keep it secure.
  4. Place your In Bloom Florist sticker on the top center of your beautiful creation!





4. Medusa



Calling all ancient Greek mythologists, this Medusa has the power to warm your heart. Her xerographica snake like hair radiates sunlight– you won’t catch her turning anyone stone cold here. Some creative folks from our plant department came up with this one and we have to admit, we’re a big fan!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3-5 large xerographica airplants
  • Moss
  • Small styrofoam wreath
  • Rubber snakes
  • Green false eyelashes (optional)
  • Green sequin dress
  • Hot glue gun

How to:

  1. Wrap the moss around the entirety of the styrofoam wreath, gluing in place.
  2. Build your xerographica crown by placing the air plants on top of each other and hot gluing them in place.
  3. Pull your rubber snakes through the holes between the xerographica, hot glue them in place.
  4. Put on your green dress and false eyelashes and you’re ready to go!




The possibilities are endless when it comes to botanical-themed Halloween Costumes. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to tag @InBloomFlorist on Instagram so we can see the creations you come up with! Happy Halloween!