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Posted by In Bloom Florist on February 29, 2024 Flower Info

March Flower of the Month: Strawflower

a bunch of red, yellow, and orange strawflowers

Family: Asteraceae

For March, our Flower of the Month is Strawflower! Also known as everlasting flowers or paper daisies, Strawflowers are famous for their vibrant blooms and their ability to keep their shape and color even after they have been dried. Keep reading to find out more about this stunning flower!

a bunch of red, yellow, and orange strawflowers


Native to: Australia

In the wild: They can be found in sunny fields and meadows.

a bunch of red, yellow, and orange strawflowers


In a Vase:

Remember to replenish your water frequently. This will keep the flowers fresh longer. Just like any other flower, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and drafts. A great thing about strawflowers is that once you are finished with the arrangement, you can still keep them as dried flowers!

Growing in your Garden:

Strawflowers are drought- and heat-tolerant and are best grown in places with full sun, which makes Florida a nice place to grow them. They also like well-draining soil. When planting, be sure to give them enough room to grow. If you are growing the taller varieties, it may be helpful to use flower stakes, so they don’t topple over.¬†Strawflowers are continuous bloomers, so remember to deadhead and harvest them throughout the growing season to prevent seed formation and prolong flowering.

How To Dry:

Start by cutting the stems just before the flowers are fully open. This allows the strawflowers to get their best color and quality as they will open fully during the drying process. If you have more than one that you are drying, you can tie the stems together. After that, hang the strawflowers upside down in a cool, dark spot and leave them there for about three weeks. By then, the stems should feel dry. Be careful when you touch dried strawflower stems because easier to break during this process.

Symbolism & Fun Facts:

Strawflower symbolizes immortality and can also represent someone or something that is “always remembered”.

Their petals aren’t petals at all! They are actually modified leaves called bracts.

They are a member of the Aster family, just like daisies, dahlias, and sunflowers.

They are a super popular choice for dried flowers, which is why they are mainly grown for the dried flower market.

Their sizes range from under 15 inches tall to 3 feet!

Butterflies, bees, and other pollinators are highly attracted to strawflowers.

At first glance, they may look like mums, but if you touch them, you can tell the difference. The bracts feel like stiff paper even after the flower opens!

Strawflowers have been celebrated in different cultures for their beauty in symbolism. They are commonly used in weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies.

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