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Posted by In Bloom Florist on August 1, 2023 Flower Info

August Flower of the Month: Anemone

August Flower of the Month: Anemone

red anenome flowers

Family : Ranunculaceae

Introducing the August Flower of the Month – Anemone! These delicate flowers come in a wide variety of colors and have become a staple in wedding flowers because of their striking center. Learn more fun facts about Anemones and how to care for them below.



Native To: Southern Europe, The Mediterranean

In The Wild: You can find them in temperate and subtropical regions of all continents except Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica

Anemone Care


In A Vase:
Like most flowers, the water needs to be regularly replaced, but pay a little more attention to when to change out the water as they drink a lot because they still grow when cut. When choosing a vase to place them in, we recommend choosing a tall one since they have long stems and do better with the support. Anemones are quite delicate so remember to be a little more gentle when caring for them.

Growing in your Garden:
Anemones love a good balance of sun and shade. If you are growing outdoors in Florida, be sure to grow them where they aren’t in the sun for too long. They don’t like growing with other plants so it’s best to grow them in a cutting garden or its own container.

Symbolism and Fun Facts

They are also known as Windflowers which comes from the Greek meaning of the name Anemone meaning “Daughter of the Wind”.

Represented in many famous paintings by artists including Monet and Matisse.

Anemones are aware of time! The petals close up at night and reopen in the morning to protect themselves from cold nights.

They typically symbolize fragility and love, but this varies depending on region.

One secret is that they have no petals! What looks like petals are actually sepals—the protective outer “leaves” that grow out of the calyx.

They keep growing after they are cut.

They are toxic so we recommend keeping them away from kids and pets.

In Your Wedding

In weddings, Anemones symbolize change, this makes the Anemone incredibly great for a wedding bloom. The most common ones we typically see in a wedding are the white petals with the black center. This bloom gives wedding bouquets a classic feel. Red, purple, and pink Anenomes are also popular options to add a pop of color!


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