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Posted by In Bloom Florist on January 28, 2022 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Gift Guides Holiday

4 Ways to Surprise Your Valentine

This year, spice things up for Valentine’s Day! There is something so special with receiving a lovely surprise you were not expecting. Hide the flowers for your Valentine to stumble upon, or pick out a unique flower arrangement, or just surprise them a day or two early to show them how special they are. Go beyond flowers and gift them something more.

Beyond a Red Rose

Red roses are a typical and expected Valentine’s Day flower. A great way to surprise your loved one this year is picking out unique stems, colors and arrangements that will introduce a new love for flowers. Orchids, tulips, lilies, anthurium, and larkspur are some of the varieties in our unique styled Valentine’s Day designs. If you really want to wow them, talk with our designers about your Valentine’s favorite colors and design aesthetic, we can then create the perfect match to your vision.

Unique Floral Arrangements:


Ruby Romance

Be My Valentine

You’re a Dream

Lavender Garden

Love in Paradise

The Unexpected

Imagine finding a beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangement right when you wake up in the morning. How about in your car after a long day of work? Bring back the element of surprise and the care it takes into gifting to the ones we cherish. Here are a few special ideas to surprise them in a new way this year:

  • Who would expect to find flowers in the shower when they wake up in the morning? No one! This is a fun way to add a little humor to their early morning on Valentine’s Day and to spark some joy to start their day off right.
  • Put a floral arrangement in the fridge the night before Valentine’s Day! You can even put a post-it on that says “open me” so your Valentine will open the fridge to a pleasant surprise and the flowers will stay cooler. We consider this a win-win.
  • Special delivery to their doorstep or work. Surprise your Valentine with flowers and lunch, and make it special by delivering them yourself. If you can’t catch them at lunchtime and want to surprise them in their car, that works too (only if you have the spare key of course).

More Than Flowers

We love flowers, (obviously), but sometimes it’s nice to receive more than just flowers for Valentine’s Day. We recommend bundling up on the gifts by speaking to your Valentine’s sweet tooth or wine taste. Here are some ideas to go beyond just fresh floral this year:

  • You can never go wrong with locally handmade Maitland Chocolate Factory chocolate-covered strawberries. Pair them with fresh floral in one of our gift boxes!
  • We have all kinds of wine for every palette. We also have champagne and prosecco available to celebrate your Valentine’s Day at home.
  • Sugarfina sweets are perfect for your candy-lover. Grab some in-store to bundle with your floral and gifts, or grab a Gimme Some Sugar box!
  • Sweet smelling candles add a sense of romance to your gift. We have a limited edition Capri Blue candle perfect for Valentine’s Day in a Pineapple Flower Scent. This goes well in our gift sets or as an add-on, and pairs perfectly with in Love in Paradise set.
  • Two arrangements, are better than one! The Peachy Pair can be gifted as a set, as “Mom and me” gift for both your loved one and your little one, or to surprise your Valentine with an arrangement for the home and for the office.
  • Hand-written cards go a long way for Valentine’s Day. They can be sentimental and add a touch of personalization to your flower arrangement. Add-on one of our Happy Valentine’s Day cards, snag one in our shops, or grab one of our Be My Valentine arrangement and greeting card set!.
  • Balloons to make them swoon is a simple way to show you care. Sayings like “I Love You”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, or a simple heart-shaped balloon can be added to any gift, flower arrangement, or plant this year on our website or in our shops.
  • If you would rather go more of the gift route, curated gift boxes with their favorite things will be sure to win them over this year! You can even come in-store and pick out all of the gifts that make you think of your Valentine, including plants or florals,  and be on your way!

Special Delivery

It might seem out of the ordinary to deliver your Valentine’s arrangement early but we recommend it. This shows that you can appreciate your Valentine beyond the holiday. Reasons to send early:

  • Your Valentine gets to enjoy their flowers all weekend long!
  • You can put them somewhere special until the morning of Valentine’s Day to guarantee they will receive them first thing. Deliveries fill up quickly on the day of Valentine’s Day (February 14th), so delivering early ensures they can enjoy their gift all day long!
  • It saves you the hassle of rushing around the day of Valentine’s Day, and allows you to enjoy your day more intimately with your loved ones.

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