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Posted by In Bloom Florist on April 30, 2019 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Holiday

Never Stop Picking Flowers for Mom

One of the first gifts many of us give to our mother is a simple flower plucked from the yard.  Isn’t it fitting that even at a young age we are attracted to the beauty in nature and instinctively want to share it with a beautiful figure in our lives?

As we get older, the hand picked flowers and scribbled Mother’s Day messages may change.  The fistful of backyard flowers may today be a beautiful hand picked arrangement of mom’s favorite flowers, but the sentiment is still the same – sharing the beauty of nature with a beautiful person in our life.  When was the last time you picked flowers for the mom in your life?


Treasuring the Sweet Moments

Brooke is in the hands-on phase of motherhood with all the challenges and joys that come with two children under the age of 5.  Walks around the neighborhood often yield handfuls of flowers, leaves, and twigs all given with love to Mom and equally treasured and placed in jars around the house.


Remembering a “Handful” of Love

Raising a boy means you come to expect the unexpected.  Susan’s son was about four when he excitedly approached her with hands behind his back and proclaimed he had a present for her, but she would have to guess which hand it was in.  A little wary, she picked his right hand, and he proudly presented her with a flattened, sun-dried lizard.  Ever the sweet kid, he quickly unclenched the other hand revealing a bright yellow dandelion which he promptly gave to her.


Creating a Permanent Reminder

As most mother’s do, Colleen’s mom gave her a nickname as a child.  Despite growing up, the nickname “Sweet Pea” has stuck.  Given her nickname, sweet pea flowers are the natural choice when gifting her mom flowers for Mother’s Day.  This year she is going a step beyond picking flowers and getting a sweet pea flower tattoo on her arm as a permanent reminder of the bond between her and her mom.


Picking Flowers, Cherishing Memories

Sarah grew up on a farm and remembers her mother having a huge flower garden filled with gorgeous blooms including crimson orange poppies, bright yellow marigolds, tall snapdragons, and colorful gladiolas.  After her brother was born, Sarah remembers picking gladiolas, her mom’s favorite flowers, and arranging them in a family heirloom vase as a surprise for her mom.


Keeping Treasures of the Past

After his grandmother “Nanny” passed away, Jody found a plaque he had made for her as a child that she had kept tucked away.  He had no idea that she had kept the little handmade gift all those years.  The plaque featured dried wildflowers and an eloquent handwritten note with a sweet poem.


Leaving a Legacy of Love

Sally’s children grew up in a unique environment for Mother’s Day.  There was plenty of flower picking, but it was in the form of working alongside their parents in the flower shop.  In recent years, another generation has begun filling the flower shop with smiles and laughter on Mother’s Day.  To Sally, the most important thing is that she is together with her family on Mother’s Day, even if it is at the flower shop.  What better way to share a legacy of flowers – and love.