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Posted by In Bloom Florist on May 11, 2017 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Community & News Holiday

A Mother’s Heart – Fostering Love

Melanie Stimmell and Family In Bloom Florist

“Six years into motherhood I realized that I’d found a bigger purpose… Children in the Foster System need strong families to advocate for them, love them, and to fight for their needs. It’s a blessing to be that person. “ Melanie Stimmell


When you are headed to a photo shoot that will include 12 children, you prepare for anything. After our session with this awesome family, I realized that is exactly how Melanie Stimmell handles every day as their mom!

David and Melanie Stimmell have fostered over 50 children, and as Melanie says, “We have loved them with everything we have, and watched with joy as they were reunited with their families.” She goes on to say “Fostering is super fun and yet, really hard. Loving someone else’s child while they are going through some really hard stuff is what we are called to do.” And they do it so well.

The Stimmell family home is joy-filled and fun. We arrived not long after the family returned from church and it was impressive how quickly they regrouped for our photo session. All of the children were excited to be celebrating Melanie for Mother’s Day (and getting their very own Sunflower)! We were missing the 2 oldest children but solved that issue when someone marched their photos to the steps to the house where we did our session. Perfect!

When asked asked about her family, Melanie had this to say…

“Our family is the definition of organized chaos. We love hard, play hard, love to camp, enjoy the beach, eat lots of food, and enjoy all the moments we get each day. Some days are a bit crazy and others are full of fun. This mom has lots of homework, food, laundry, shoes, socks, and toys everywhere — and there may be a little dust. Yet, at the end of the day, we love each other and stand together as a strong team. As mom of these sweet children, I feel all the same things as other moms do, abundant love, joy, peace, worry, and fear. Times 12.”

Happy Mother’s Day!


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