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Posted by In Bloom Florist on December 20, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Plant Info

Find Your Perfect Plant Trio

Plant trios for all the plant-lovers you know! These trios make a perfect gift, or to add a new touch of plant life to your home décor.

Pet Friendly

It’s important to know which plants are pet friendly! Some could be very toxic to your dog or cat pal. This trio is purrfect for any pet-loving home.

Plants in this trio:

  • Money Tree
    Light Care: Bright, indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight!
    Water Care: Only water when the top 4 inches of soil are dry to avoid over-watering.
  • Bird’s Nest Fern
    Light Care: Indirect sunlight indoors, fully shaded area outdoors.
    Water Care: Water one-two times a week, keeping soil moist but not soggy.
  • Calathea
    Light Care: Medium to low light. Keep out of direct sun!
    Water Care: Allow the soil to dry halfway before watering again, approximately every 1-2 weeks or when the leaves are drooping.

Although these plants are pet-friendly, keep in mind any plant ingested by an animal could make them have an upset stomach. We still recommend keeping them away from any pets that like to nibble!

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Easy Care

Just getting started as a plant parent? This trio is for you! Our easy-care plants require little water, little sunlight, and very little care.

Plants in this trio:

  • Pothos
    Light Care: Pothos can survive in almost any lighting condition, low to medium light is preferred.
    Water Care: You can allow the soil to dry completely before watering again! A good sign is when the leaves are drooping, it is time to water.
  • Snake Plant
    Light Care: Indirect low to medium light, these plants can survive in a room with very little light. Outdoors, keep them in full shade or they could burn!
    Water Care: Only water your snake plant when the soil is completely dried out. You can go quite some time without watering them!
  • Birds Nest Fern
    Light Care: Keep these out of direct sunlight, place them in a space that is shaded with low light. They do very well in a bathroom due to the humidity!
    Water Care: Water 1-2 times a week, the soil should remind moist but not too soggy.

Hint: These plants make the perfect gift to anyone! They are hardy and keep on growing. Pothos and Snake plants are also very good plants to propagate, so you can continuously make new plants from them or gift a new propagation to a friend. Find out how to propagate on instagram >>

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Trending Tropicals

These unique houseplants are the coolest plants on the market. Trending Tropicals are a little more advanced for the seasoned plant parent in your life.

Plants in this trio:

  • Monstera
    Light Care: Place in moderate to bright indirect light. Outdoors, keep in full shade.
    Water Care: Be extra careful not to over-water these, allow the soil to dry completely.
  • Calathea
    Light Care: Medium to low light is perfect for these tricky plants, direct sunlight may scorch the leaves!
    Water Care: Allow the soil to dry halfway before watering again, they like their soil to be slightly moist.
  • Swiss Cheese
    Light Care: Moderate to bright light just like the Monstera plant.
    Water Care: Avoid over-watering, allow the soil to dry completely.

These plants are perfect if you are looking for some plants to use as décor in your home. They don’t require direct sun and even though they have varying watering schedules, they make the perfect plants for the trendy plant-lover in your life.

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