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Posted by In Bloom Florist on February 9, 2017 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Holiday

Glenn and Claire – Committed Love

Claire and Glen In Bloom Florist Orlando

“We deeply cherish one another and will never take a moment for granted.”

Glenn and Claire celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary last year. They are a lovely couple and we enjoyed our photo session with them. During our time together I asked them what word best described their marriage, and they agreed — commitment. We think you’ll enjoy their love story…

How did you two meet?

Claire: We met through a mutual friend in 1992. I was meeting a childhood friend who had just moved to Orlando for dinner. She was working for Barnett Bank and walked in with “a guy” she had just met at work that day, who was also new to Barnett. It was Glenn, as you might guess. I had lived in Orlando since 1983 so I had a broad circle of friends.

Glenn: I was invited to join Claire’s circle of friends, who got together for happy hours, dinner, golf and dinner parties at each other’s homes.

Claire: It was about 3 months later when I had friends (a married couple) visiting me, in my home. They enjoyed fine dining and so I invited Glenn to be my escort/date. I figured he dressed up well and knew which fork to use in a nice restaurant. 🙂  

Glenn: The evening was lots of fun and a bit magical, and from that moment on, we’ve been a couple.

What keeps you so committed to one another?

Glenn: When Claire went into labor with our son, Michael, the medical team enlisted heroic efforts to prevent Claire from dying. This experience forever altered our relationship and created a deep bond between the three of us.  

Claire: We deeply cherish one another and will never take a moment for granted.

Love is forever.