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Posted by In Bloom Florist on May 23, 2023 | Last Updated: May 31, 2023 Flower Info

June Flower of the Month: Bird of Paradise

June Flower Of The Month: Bird of Paradise

Family: Strelitzia

We are excited to announce our May flower of the month, Bird of Paradise! The bird of paradise is the ultimate statement flower. It’s known for its unique and brightly colored flowers that resemble the head of a bird! This beloved flower that comes from a plant is a go-to for eye-catching tropical floral designs. Learn all about Birds of Paradise and how to care for them below.


Native To: The subtropical coastal areas of Southern Africa.

In The Wild:  It grows wild in the Eastern Cape among shrubs along riverbanks and clearings where it is a great source of nectar for birds!

Bird of Paradise Care

In a Vase

Bird of Paradise can last 7-14 days in a vase when taken care of properly. Since this is a tropical flower, it should be stored at 55-65 F if it is a cut flower. It is prone to chill damage when stored at low temperatures. Be sure to always refresh the water every 2 days to make your flower last as long as possible and trim the bottom 2″ of the stem each time you replace the water.

Growing as a Plant:

Birds of Paradise are drought-tolerant and easy to grow indoors or outdoors. With its warm temperatures, Florida is an ideal place to grow outdoors. If you live in colder climates, you can still have a thriving plant when growing indoors as long as you supply it with the necessary light, food, and water. It’s also good to note that these plants are toxic to pets, so be sure to keep them away!

Symbolism and Fun Facts

The Bird of Paradise symbolizes paradise, freedom, and joy.

This flower was named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg – Strelitz.

It is the official flower of Los Angeles, California.

These dramatic tropical blossoms are used in large vase arrangements and contemporary tropical floral designs.

There are 5 different species of Bird of Paradise: White Bird of Paradise, Mountain Strelitzia, Giant Bird of Paradise,
African Desert Banana, and the Crane Flower, (which is the most common for houseplants).


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