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The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

lily of the valley picture

Alstromeria- wealth and prosperity

Aster- daintiness

Baby’s breath- innocence

Begonia- beware

Bells of Ireland- good luck

Birds of paradise- joyfulness

Chrysanthemum (red) – love

Cactus- endurance

Calla lilies- beauty

Carnation (pink) – remembrance

Carnation (red) – admiration

Carnation (white) – sweet, pure love

Carnation (yellow) – rejection

Daffodil- chivalry

Dahlia- elegance & cheer

Daisy- innocence, purity

Dandelion- faithfulness

Delphinium- open heart

Forget me not- true love

Gardenia- secret love

Geranium- gentility

Gladiolus- natural grace

Honeysuckle- devoted affection

Hyacinth (blue) – constancy

Hyacinth (purple) – sorrow

Hyacinth (pink) – play

Hydrangea- understanding

Iris- good news

Ivy- friendship

Larkspur- fickleness

Lilac (purple) – first love

Lilac (white) – youthful innocence

Lily (white) – purity

Lily (yellow) – gaiety

Lily of the valley- sweetness, returning happiness

Magnolia- nobility

Orchid- refined beauty

Peony- shame

Petunia- resentment

Protea- diversity and courage

Ranunculus- charming

Rose (red) – true love

Rose (white) – virtue

Rose (yellow) – friendship

Rose (pink) – grace

Rose (lavender) – love at first sight

Snapdragon- graciousness

Stock- bonds of affection

Sunflower- warmth and happiness

Tulip (red) – undying love

Tulip (purple) – forever love

Tulip (white) – one-sided love

Tulip (yellow) – hopeless love