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Posted by In Bloom Florist on September 9, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Plant Info

Level Up Your Plant Parent Game

Happy plants, happy life! Level up your plant parent game with our tips, tricks, and tools to keep your houseplants happy and healthy.

Pots & Plants

Potting a Plant:

Potting a houseplant is a little messy but a very simple process. We break down 3 simple techniques on how you can repot your houseplants once you get them home, & some basic care tips once you have them repotted. Find out more on our how-to IGTV here >>

Drainage 101:

Drainage is vital when it comes to the long term health of your plants. When we get plant parents in who are having issues with their plant babies, this is always one of our first questions: how is your plant’s drainage? Here are some quick tips on creating drainage in any pot, for any type of plant >>

Choosing a Pot:

Looking for tips on choosing the right pot for your plants? Our plant designer, Angela has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve! Follow along with her as she walks you through choosing the correct pot >>


Dusting is a Must

While you are dusting your home or office, don’t forget about your plant friends! Our plants look their best when they are cleaned on a monthly and sometimes, weekly basis. The foliage of plants collects dust, spider webs, bugs and other not-so-pretty things! We will walk you through some basic care tips to keep your plants looking as vibrant and pretty as the first day you brought them home. Click here for dusting techniques >>

Plants to Propagate

Ever wonder how you could grow a new plant from an existing plant? We have 4 ways to propagate your Monstera, Snake Plant, Pothos, and Succulents! These plants are easy to care for and easy to propagate. Follow our how-to videos to learn more:

Snake Plant Propagation

Monstera Propagation

Succulent Propagation

Pothos Propagation

Water Well

Don’t forget to water your plant friends! Creating a watering schedule for your houseplants is the best way to keep track. You can also purchase a moisture gauge or use your finger to determine how dry the soil is. We have a tip on the best way to water all of them at once on watering day, check it out here >>

Love With Light

Your plants love light. Lighting can be tricky in a home, sometimes you’ll have a window that blasts sunlight and can damage your poor plant friends, and other times you will have a room in total darkness! We have some ideas for your lighting needs:

Artificial Grow Lights:

Are you struggling with no window light in your home? You can purchase artificial grow lights that cater directly to any of your plants needs! Grow lights come in different varieties, colors, temperatures, and décor styles. You can even DIY your own grow lights by grabbing some grow-light bulbs from a home improvement store and create your own plant sanctuary indoors! These lights are specially designed to mimic natural light, stimulating photosynthesis and allowing your plants to grow their best.

Natural Sunlight:

Window light is your plant’s best friend! Be careful with placing some houseplants in a South facing window, it might create too much heat in the Summer or too much sunlight, causing sunburn. Plants in a South facing window will thrive if you put a little filter in the window, using blinds or curtains. East or West facing windows are ideal for indoor plants. If you place your plants in a North facing window, add in some grow lights or choose low-light plants for this area of your home.

Low-light Plants:

Some plants will grow just fine in a lower-light room. But remember, all plants need some degree of light to thrive and survive! Here’s a list of some houseplants that are suitable for low light environments:

ZZ Plants


Birds Nest Fern

Snake Plant


Spider Plant

Peace Lily



Here’s your sign its time for a new plant!

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