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Posted by In Bloom Florist on September 29, 2020 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Plant Info

October Plant: Rubber Plant

Our October Plant Of The Month: Rubber Plant

(ficus elastica)

Introducing the Rubber Plant. With it’s leather multi-toned leaves, it stands as one of our top loved houseplants for the Fall season. This hardy plant will fit into any indoor environment to add a dramatic design element to your space. Keep reading to learn more!

Origin & Fun Facts
(so you can be the expert)












Native To: Southeast Asia

In The Wild: You can find Rubber Plants in rainforests in the Amazon region of South America generally in low-altitude moist forests and wetlands.

Species: There are many names for the Rubber Plant – Rubber Tree, Rubber Fig, Rubber Bush or Indian Rubber. It is a species in the fig genus and the scientific name for it is Ficus Elastica.

Fun Fact: The Rubber Plant termed its name because the sap that comes from the inside of the stems and leaves can and has been used to make rubber. The leaf texture also has a shiny rubber-like appearance.

Caring is Preparing
(for the elements)


Rubber Trees grow well in bright indirect to low light when placed indoors.


Keep these away from direct sunlight of a window and keep in a room that gets some light.

They can even thrive in lower light conditions as well!


Rubber plants love heat and humidity but be sure to cover the roots with mulch so it will allow the soil to remain moist.

Signs of too much sun:

Yellow or white marks on the leaves.

Signs of too little sun:

Thinner in size and have reduced flowering.


Watering can be once a week as long as the top inch of soil is dry.

If it still has a wet surface or is placed in lower light – you can wait even longer in-between waterings!

Placing these beautiful plants outside? Water more frequently in the heat and less frequently in cooler temperatures.

Signs of too much water: Yellowing leaves

Signs of too little water: Drooping leaves

Styling a Rubber Plant
(in the perfect location)


The large round leaves of a Rubber Plant can be placed in a modern interior as a bold hardy greenery element. Compliments darker décor with it’s deep color palette. We have varying material & colors of containers for them so you can fit it into any living or office interior.


Place these on your patio or in your garden to accent your house and to add a unique piece of bold greenery for the world to see. (If placed outside in the Florida heat, be sure to follow proper water and care)


Rubber Plants are gently harmful to animals and humans. The milky sap within the stems and leaves can cause health issues if ingested.  Keep out of reach of anyone who may try to ingest them.

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