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Posted by In Bloom Florist on July 5, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Gift Guides

Anniversary Gift Guide

A n n i v e r s a r y  |  B l o o m s

Say “Happy Anniversary”, with a flower for each year you have been together, a new plant to grow with your love for them, or even a bottle of bubbly to say cheers to all of the exciting years ahead.

Romance is Alive

Roses, chocolates, and a hand-written love note will never get old. Show passion through blooms, our Rose Collection has a variety of ways to say, “I Love You” through roses. Whichever direction you choose, a nice bottle of wine or bubbly will add the finishing touch to show your partner how much you love + appreciate them.


Growing Together

Some love is wild and some grows with each year. Represent whichever type of anniversary you are celebrating with the perfect floral arrangement, or even a plant! Bring the garden indoors with sunflowers, or keep it traditional with roses. Our Garden Muse orchid planter is a great way to wow the orchid-lover in your life, along with a unique houseplant to showcase your growing love for the years to come.

To the Years Ahead

Love takes care, attention, and time. A plant is a great way to show the care and attention you bring into your relationship while providing a touch of life to your shared space and something to reminisce on for the years ahead.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

You can always gift something that reminds you of the first day you met, the first date you ever went on, or your wedding day but what if you gift a bouquet reminiscent of your big day? Our events team will always keep details of the flowers from your wedding day so you can surprise your partner with a bouquet inspired by your big day. Whether it’s your first anniversary or beyond, it’s a great moment to look back on your wedding photos, the videos from that day, and the floral that brought that whole day to life. Contact our Events team to find out more.

Whether it’s your first anniversary or 50th, our team would love to help make it special.

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