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Posted by In Bloom Florist on November 30, 2023 Flower Info

December Flower of the Month: Daisy

December Flower of the Month: Daisywhite and pink Daisy flowers and red, pink, and peach gerbera daisies

Family: Asteraceae

Our Flower of the Month for December is Daisy! The daisy is a beautiful and charming flower that is found just about anywhere. With so many varieties of daisies, it just means there are more of them to love! Keep reading to learn more.

white daisy and daisy petals


Native to: Europe, Africa, and North America

In The Wild: Daisies are very adaptable flowers and because of that, they can be found practically anywhere. You can find them in dry, wet, sunny, and shady areas. The only continent you won’t be able to see daisies in is Antarctica!

Daisies and Gerbera daisies in a vase


In A Vase:

After you take home your bouquet or arrangement filled with daisies, it is important to remember to keep them away from heat and drafts. They will last longer in a room that has cool temperatures. Daisies are sensitive to dirty water so if you notice your daisy has a bent neck, that could be the cause. Be sure to re-cut the stems and place them in fresh water. This is something you should be doing regularly, so do not wait for them to start drooping!

Growing in your Garden:  

Daisies are great, low-maintenance flowers to add to your garden as they require minimal care and can thrive in a variety of environments. They grow best in areas where they can receive full sunlight and have well-draining soil. It is also easy to notice when they need watering. When they are thirsty, they start to look wilted but will spring right back up when watered! Some daisies grow tall and tend to fall over with heavy winds. If you are growing this variety, support your daisies with stakes so they won’t fall over. You may notice that some of the flower heads will start to fade. Once this happens, it’s best to cut them off to encourage new blooms!

a hand holding a bouquet of daisies and gerberas

Variations (6 types)

There are over 20,000 different types of daisies found all over the world, and you are sure to come across many of them throughout your life. Here are 6 of the more common types:

  1. Shasta daisy: The Shasta daisy is perhaps the most well-known type of daisy. It has white petals surrounding a yellow center. These are not native to any specific region, it’s a hybrid created by a horticulturist. They are a cross between multiple species, including the oxeye daisy and the English daisy.
  2. Common daisy: One of the most recognizable daisies is the common daisy, also known as the lawn daisy or English daisy as they are native to England and you usually find them in your lawn. These have a flat disk shape with a ring of petals around the center. These daisies tend to follow the sun’s position throughout the day!
  3. Gerbera daisy: The Gerbera daisy comes in shades of red, pink, orange, and yellow and can feature single or semi-double blooms. We have a variety of these in our coolers at all times! They can grow about 18 inches tall. 
  4. Marguerite daisy: The Marguerite daisy comes in white, yellow, and pink. The Marguerite daisy, specifically, is associated with friendship, loyalty, and affection.
  5. Oxeye daisy: They typically grow as wildflowers in fields and meadows and grow and spread easily in your garden. The petals of ox-eye daisies are bright white with a striking flat, yellow center, which resembles the eye of an ox.
  6. Painted daisy: These flowers have yellow centers surrounded by petals that can be red, yellow, pink, violet, or white. Painted daisies are not only beautiful but also useful in controlling pests in gardens, as they repel many harmful insects.

a pink, yellow, and red gerbera daisy

Symbolism/Fun Facts:

The word “daisy” comes from the Old English word “daes eage” which means day’s eye. 

The yellow center surrounded by the petals resembles the sun. They also tend to follow the path of the sun which is another reason why they are associated with daylight. 

Daisies follow a natural circadian rhythm. They close their petals during the night and reopen in the morning.

Daisies symbolize purity and innocence.

A daisy is two flowers in one -The usual white petals count as one flower and the cluster of tiny yellow disc petals that form the “eye” is technically another.

These florals are commonly used in the game of, “they love me, they love me not”

Daisies are beloved by pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

They are edible in the wild, (as long as they are not treated with chemicals), and are closely related to the artichoke.

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 3 bouquets of gerbera daisies from In Bloom florist a vaise arrangement of yellow daisies and greenery