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Posted by In Bloom Florist on October 4, 2023 Holiday Other

Fall Movies Classics & Seasonal Flower Arrangements

When you think of Fall, there are some classic movies that come to mind. From friendly Halloween movies to heartwarming films, there are so many Fall movies to love, and we can’t help but be reminded of some of our favorite arrangements while watching them. We compiled a list of Fall favorites that remind us of our seasonal arrangements.

October Sky – Scenic Sage

Besides the movie taking place in the Fall, there are certain scenes where the graphics and colors of the film remind us of this arrangement, especially the scenes that take place outside when they are testing rocket launches.


When Harry Met Sally – Falling Autumn

The movie gives off the feel of Autumn in New York. From the Fall outfits with warm colors to the scene of walking over fallen leaves in Central Park, this movie has become a Fall classic, just like the Falling Autumn arrangement. It features florals with a warm color palette that reminds you of the season in a classic clear vase. Both When Harry Met Sally and Falling Autumn have become staples for the season. 


Hocus Pocus – The Grand Forage

A lot of scenes in Hocus Pocus take place outdoors which resembles the feel of this arrangement. The Grand Forage is also one of the larger arrangements in our Fall collection which matches some of the enjoyable larger-than-life performances we see in the movie. They are both definitive classics that are just as synonymous with the Fall season as pumpkin spice lattes and fallen leaves. 


Halloweentown – The Trailblazer Centerpiece

This arrangement reminds us of the colorful aspects shown in the movie and the giant pumpkin in the middle of the town square since this arrangement is a centerpiece for your table. The name of the arrangement also reminds us of the movie as well. A trailblazer can be defined as a pioneer or trendsetter which is what comes to mind when we think of Halloweentown since it has become so recognizable and loved beyond just a Disney Channel movie.


Coco – Walk In The Wild

This arrangement will have you feeling as if you’re going through a journey in the outdoors. Similarly, in Coco, Miguel is also going on a journey himself in an unfamiliar place. Not only that, but both this arrangement and the movie give people such a comforting feeling which is perfect for the season.


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown –  The Great Pumpkin

There is no other movie that can remind us of this arrangement other than It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Although the keepsake pumpkin may be smaller in size, the beautiful Fall blooms make up for it. This arrangement leaves a lasting impression in every home just as the movie does in every heart. 


Halloween – Spirits of the Apothecary Workshop

With a Halloween workshop, what better movie to choose other than Halloween? Besides the movie and workshop taking place during Halloween time, the overall look and feel of the movie gives us that dark Halloween feel. Even though this is a darker movie, Halloween still gives people hope knowing Laurie Strode always prevails, which showcases the hierarchy in this Ikebana-style arrangement.


Beetejuice – Gothic Moonlight

The Gothic Moonlight arrangement is spooky, but not in a scary way, moody, and fun, just like Beetlejuice. One of the reasons why this movie is so well-loved is because of the visuals of gothic and creative elements that fit the movie perfectly. We can’t help but be reminded of this arrangement for the same reasons. 


A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving – Bountiful Friendships Workshop

A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving is about friendships, togetherness, and of course, Thanksgiving. Just like the movie, the Bountiful Friendships is about the same thing. Getting to spend time with loved ones while preparing for the holiday. The only difference is while Pooh and friends are gathering food for the feast, you’ll be creating a cornucopia to place on the Thanksgiving dinner table, but the sentiments are still there. 


Free Birds – Cross-Country Trio

In this movie, a couple of turkeys are traveling back in time to prevent turkeys from becoming holiday dinners. With this arrangement being named Cross-Country, it definitely reminded us of the movie, especially since the movie poster has two turkeys running. It is also fitting since this arrangement is made to be used as a Thanksgiving centerpiece during dinner.


If you like any of these movies, then we definitely recommend checking out our Fall collection.

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