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Posted by In Bloom Florist on December 18, 2018 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Holiday

How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Centerpiece

Festive holiday florals are an easy way to set the mood and carry a theme for your holiday party.  With a little planning, you can pick the perfect centerpiece to enhance your holiday fun! Our In Bloom Events Team suggests the following five keys to picking the perfect holiday centerpiece.

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  1. Theme
    Are you hosting a hot chocolate bar party or formal dinner affair?  The type of party you are hosting will help determine the look and feel of your centerpiece.
  1.  Colors
    Your party theme will dictate the colors being incorporated into the event.  A Winter Wonderland theme naturally leans towards blue, white and silver, while vibrant floral colors will enhance the fun vibe of an Ugly Sweater Party.  Floral centerpieces or arrangements that echo a party theme through color will help elevate your event.
  1.  Location
    Will the floral centerpieces take center stage on a dining room table, buffet table, or at the party entrance? Flowers naturally prefer different environmental conditions.  If your event takes place outside, incorporate more greenery or floral that can withstand warmer Florida conditions (even in December!).
  1.  Size
    Scale and proportion are key to the right centerpiece. Generally, a centerpiece shouldn’t be over ⅓ the length of the table.  Keep the centerpiece in proportion to the table size and place settings (small table = small centerpiece). Depending on the size of the table, you may want one large centerpiece in the middle with smaller arrangements on the ends.  If the centerpiece is gracing the table where guests will be eating, make sure to create a clear line of sight across the table to encourage conversation.
  1.  Budget
    Finally, think about the portion of your holiday party budget you have allocated to decor.  We offer several popular centerpiece designs, or our team of designers can take your party theme and budget and offer floral suggestions to insure a stunning centerpiece.