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Posted by In Bloom Florist on February 12, 2017 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Holiday

Roger and Rob – Respectful Love

Rob and Rob In Bloom Florist

“I blocked the doorway so he couldn’t leave” ~Roger

Roger and Rob have been together more than 20 years. They met when Roger was working as a DJ at a country-western bar. Roger said he still remembers it like it was yesterday. He saw Rob standing across the dance floor wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with a jacket. He later made his way over and asked Rob to dance. When Rob answered in his english accent, Roger said he was instantly hooked.  

They danced one dance and Roger went back to work. Later on he noticed Rob headed to the door. He rushed over and blocked the doorway with his body. “You’re not leaving after just one dance are you?” He asked Rob. And they’ve been dancing ever since. In 2007 they were joined in a civil union and threw a big shindig to celebrate. In 2016 when same sex marriages were finally made legal, they got married and moved to Central Florida. We are glad they did. 🙂

Love is love is love…