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Posted by inbloomflorist on June 7, 2024 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 Other

Send a Sweet and Special Message with Flowers: Colors for Family Bouquets

Finding the right words to celebrate your fave family members is one thing, but using color symbolism with fresh flowers is even more awesome! Of course, we uplift mom on Mother’s Day and show pops some love on Father’s Day. And, if we’re lucky enough to have them, we give props to our totally wonderful elders on Grandparent’s Day with colorful blooms. Those who really have it together (you know who you are) remember to send joy to their siblings and chosen family, too — and don’t forget your precious fur baby! At In Bloom Florist in Orlando, Florida, we have the 411 on using color to spread the love with sweet stems.

Pink Petals for Moms & Grandmoms

Pink is such a gorgeous color, especially in the world of flowers, so we always love to see it! Whether you want to say “thank you” to your mother or grandmother or aim for a big “I love you,” this hue will get it done! Carnations are a fabulous choice because they symbolize a mother’s unconditional love for her kiddos, which is so on point. Or go classic with pink roses, which show your admiration and appreciation. Luxe peonies are also awesome gifts in this context, giving good fortune to all who receive them.

Purple Blooms for Dads & Granddads

What words come to mind when we think of our fantastic father figures and grandpas? We’re going with regal and dignified, which calls for purple flowers — blooms that project royalty and majesty. We love irises and their connection to wisdom and courage, sure to make him feel super honored. Or throw it back with lilacs, old-school blooms that have one of the best fragrances in the flower kingdom. For a tropical option, orchids are ambassadors of nobility and are sure to be a hit with him.

Green & Blue Flowers for Brothers & Honorary Bros

One of the things we love the most about flowers is how they instantly create a super serene mood, especially blue and green blooms. These stems also carry the symbolism of being loyal and dependable, two traits that our brothers — both honorary and blood — definitely have. Surprise them with blue hydrangeas for a super tranquil vibe, accented with blue thistle, which has a bit of wild charm. Tie it all together with blooming green chrysanthemums, which give props to your friendship and thank them for their trustworthiness.

Peach Stems for Sisters & Honorary Sis

IYKYK: Having a sister or BFFs who feel like sisters is one of the most special bonds out there. Let your sis know she’s the bee’s knees with peach flowers  — which happen to be super on-trend right now  —  that will bring her happiness and warm fuzzies. As for flowers, if she’s a classic gal, you can’t go wrong with fresh tulips, timeless blossoms. To celebrate your friendship, alstroemeria is perfect for the job, or you can surprise her with ranunculus and their many pretty petals, which we love.

Orange & White Flowers for Your Furry Fam

Our pets are one of the greatest sources of joy; they’re adorable, loyal, and have 100 percent of our hearts. That’s all the reason you need to surprise them with orange and white flowers, which stand for innocence, purity, excitement, and happiness — just make sure that the blooms you use in the bouquet are pet-safe! Fortunately, there are many options, like white snapdragons, which add height and have a super unique shape. They look great with orange gerbera daisies. What better way to thank your sweet fur baby for all the love?

Armed with color guidance from In Bloom Florist, you’re ready to send flowers that legit resonate with your family. Your thoughtful choice of blooms will speak from the heart, whether it’s a message of joy, love, or gratitude.

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