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Posted by In Bloom Florist on June 1, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Community & News Other

Summer 2021 Activities – For All Ages

School’s Out for Summer!

Ready to spend some time with the kids out in nature? We have a curated list just for you, from scavenger hunts to outdoor bingo & more!

Outdoor B I N G O

Get outside to search, learn and find! We love going out in nature and finding new flowers, animals, plants, and learning new things. This is not your ordinary bingo board, visit a local park, learn how to propagate, and create some crafts with your nature finds! This is a great bonding experience for a parent and a child or to get the kids outside this Summer doing something new and exciting.

Download our bingo board by clicking on the image! Print at home or cross it off from your phone. Once the bingo board is completed, snap a pic and send it to us or tag us on social media @inbloomflorist. We would love to share how much fun they had and to showcase who finishes the bingo board first!

Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? This game will take you around your neighborhood, to your local parks, and even to our flower shops! This is perfect for any kid wanting to learn more about their local flowers and foliage or even for the kid-at-heart who loves to identify plants and floral on a hike or a walk!


*Using a plant identification app on your phone will help you find all of these items or even stopping by one of our flower shops, we have quite a few plants and flowers listed above in our walk-in coolers and out on our floor.

Download our scavenger hunt sheets by clicking on the image! Print at home or cross it off from your phone. Snap a photo of all of your floral & foliage findings and share with us or tag @inbloomflorist to be featured!

Flower Dyeing

Flower Dyeing is a fun DIY Summer activity for anyone!

We tested out 4 different freshly picked white flowers from our cooler to stem-dye. Over a course of 4 days, we gave them flower food treated water, fresh cuts, and food coloring to turn the petals from white to vibrant colors!

Use 20-30 drops per vase to make sure it saturates the flowers as much as possible. Bonus points if you can take a timelapse of it to see the progression of the flowers drinking up the dye!

Try this at home, tag us and send us the results. We would love to see what flowers you use and what colors they turn!

Check out our whole process here!

Nature Arts + Crafts

Get outdoors & take a walk around your neighborhood with the kids to forage fallen leaves, flowers + other foliage! Using nature for arts and crafts is fun, educational and gets the kids outside this Summer!

Grab some glue, foraged nature, paper and a picnic blanket to hang out on outside.

Put glue down in whatever shape or object you want and go to town with glueing down all of your found foliage!

Check out our tutorial here >> & share your nature arts + crafts with us or tag us @inbloomflorist.