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Posted by In Bloom Florist on October 5, 2023 DIY Holiday

3 DIY Flower-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for ideas for a DIY Halloween? You’re in luck! We have found and tried the perfect flower-themed costumes that anyone can do. Whether you are ahead of the curve and planning early, or if you’re looking for a last-minute DIY idea, we have a costume that will work for anyone.


Prep time: 2 hours


  • Cricut Machine
  • Cardstock in your desired color
  • Shower Cap
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Green Outfit
  • Optional: Head-Shaped Stand
  • Note: If you do not have a cricket machine, you can buy faux flowers, cut out flower stencils, or snag some real stems from our flower bar!

How To:

Create Flowers Using a Cricut:

  1. Find the design and size of the flower you want to use
  2. Turn on the Cricut
  3. Put the cardstock into the machine
  4. Peel the excess paper
  5. Fold the flowers petals so they are not flat

Create Head Covering:

  1. Optional: Put the cap on a stand, vase, or round object to hold it steady
  2. Place something underneath the cap so that it doesn’t stick to your stand
  3. Use the hot glue gun to add glue to the center of each flower
  4. Glue flowers around the entire cap and give it time to dry

If you aren’t looking to DIY the flower head covering, you can buy a synchronized swimming cap as an alternative and easier method!

Get Dressed:

  1. Put on your green outfit
  2. Place the hydrangea head over your hair
  3. Grab a bundle of real hydrangea flowers

Voila, you are now a walking hydrangea bloom!


Prep time: 1 hour


  • Cotton or Stuffing
  • Dowel Rods or Sticks (preferably white)
  • Scissors
  • Styrofoam Half Sphere
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Green Outfit
  • Optional: White Spray Paint
  • Optional: Real Dandelion

How To:

Create the Head:

  1. Optional: If you can’t find white sticks spray paint the sticks and set them out to dry or cover them with white tape
  2. If your sticks are long, cut them to however length you want your dandelion seeds to stick out
  3. Put the sticks into the Styrofoam bowl equal distance apart, covering the entire thing, we recommend using hot glue to keep them in place 
  4. Once you have the placement of the sticks down, gather your cotton and create small tufts that are spread apart, It is best to have it where you can see through each clump to mimic the dandelion seeds
  5. Use the hot glue gun to glue the cotton onto the sticks and stretch them across 2-3 sticks
  6. Once you have the desired look of the dandelion head, let it dry.

Create a Faux Dandelion:

  1. Follow steps 1-2 for creating the head (with one stick).
  2. Make one loose tuft to place on top of your stick with hot glue

Optional: If you do not want to create a faux dandelion, find a real one to pair with your costume.

Once everything is ready, put everything on and hold your dandelion flower. Just be careful of the wind, so you won’t blow away!

The dandelion the third photo was created using Adobe AI

Flower Bouquet

Prep time: 30 minutes


  • Craft Paper
  • Tissue Paper (in your choice of color)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • In Bloom Sticker
  • Choice of Flowers and Greenery
  • Optional: Friends to help

How To:

  1. Cut out a long piece of craft paper with scissors, big enough to wrap around your entire body
  2. Wrap yourself in the paper a couple times so that you can keep the opening wide and taper the bottom so that it mimics a bouquet
    (Note: It will be easier and more enjoyable to have your friends wrap you)
  3. Tape the paper in place
  4. Add in tissue paper with your choice of color to the top of your paper
  5. Tie a ribbon around your body and make a beautiful bow in the front
  6. Carefully add fresh or silk flowers and greenery inside the paper to fill it up, try putting it in all around so that you have flowers from every angle
  7. Add an In Bloom Florist sticker as the final touch!

You have now transformed into a bouquet of flowers. As a bonus, you can keep the flowers once you’re finished with the costume.

We hope you enjoy these DIY flower themed costumes and that it brings you inspiration!

Happy Halloween!