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Posted by In Bloom Florist on December 1, 2023 | Last Updated: December 6, 2023 Community & News Holiday

5 Winter Indoor Activities

Looking for some fun activities that don’t require you to be outside in the cold? We have 5 Winter activities you can do either alone, with family, or with friends, all while you stay cozy indoors!

1. Decorate Your Home

Decorating for the holidays is a fun and festive way to bring joy and create a magical atmosphere to any space, and bonus you don’t have to step outside! No matter how you decide to decorate your home for the holidays, it can bring excitement while also bringing people together. The only difficult part of this activity is figuring out how you will decorate your home, which is what we are here for! We have tons of decor items that will turn your home into a Winter oasis.

holiday decorations including a christmas tree, ornaments, and other seasonal decoration ideas in both Lake Mary and orlando stores

2. Bake Holiday Treats

Baking holiday treats is an activity that can bring warmth, cheer, and a little bit of sweetness to the cool months. It can allow people to express their creativity while spreading happiness and indulging in something delicious. Plus, there are so many Winter desserts from sugar cookies to pies, you’ll be sure to find something to bake that everyone will love!

3. Embrace Your Inner Artist

Another fun activity you can try during Winter is embracing your inner artist with a floral design class. Not only will you have an enjoyable night creating your own floral masterpiece, but you’ll also have a memorable evening with your friends that could become a new annual tradition.

The Advent Centerpiece flower design workshop December 21st and the Baby you're a firework flower design workshop January 24th.

4. Movie Marathon + Snacks

Nothing says a cozy night-in like a movie marathon while you’re all snuggled up in your bed or on the couch. Whether you watch a specific movie series like Harry Potter or Home Alone, or decide to watch other Christmas movies, it will be a night of enjoyment for you. The best part is you can either make this a solo activity or bring in friends and family to join the fun. Don’t forget the snacks! If you don’t feel like going out for snacks, get a gift basket filled with yummy treats delivered straight to your doorstep. 

5. Seasonal Party or Event

Lastly, an indoor activity you can do during wintertime is host a party or holiday-themed event! Not just any party, but one with a fun theme you can enjoy with friends and family. The possibilities are endless from a knitting party to a vision board party, a game night to an ugly sweater party! Just remember to add some decor to help set the mood. Flowers are a simple, yet impactful festive item of choice, or even a holiday plant that will bring the holidays home.


Silver Dollar Snow Arrangement with White roses and silver dollar eucalyptus. Juniper Tree in a reindeer container and a Norfolk Tree in a wood looking container.