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Posted by In Bloom Florist on March 30, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Plant Info

April Plant: Succulents

Our April Plant Of The Month:


Succulents are water-preserving plants that come in a variety of different colors within over 10,000 species. They have become one of the most loved and stylish houseplants to date. Learn all about them, their care, and styling techniques below!

Origin & Fun Facts
(so you can be the expert)


Native To: They grow in a wide range of habitats but are usually found in Africa, Central America, the European Alps, and South America

In The Wild: They can be discovered in many areas in differing conditions but most species are found in dry, desert areas while some can survive in mountainous regions and rain forests.

Species: Succulents are found in more than 25 plant families. Many plant families have multiple succulent species found within them.

Fun Fact: Succulents can grow in many different conditions depending on the variety. Succulents can also grow vertically or horizontally and some are even trailing plants! They require little watering due to their water-retaining leaves.

Caring is Preparing
(for the elements)


Although succulents can grow in differing conditions as mentioned above, we recommend keeping them in filtered light, out of direct sunlight.


Your succulents can survive near windows with filtered light varying from full to even low sunlight.


Never place them in direct sunlight.


The biggest mistake people can make with succulents is over-watering them. They can survive with little to no water. Always allow your succulents to dry out in-between waterings.

Signs of too much water:

Mushy, dark leaves and root rot.

Signs of too little water:

Dry falling leaves.

Styling Your Succulents
(in the perfect location)


Succulents have become a growing trend since 2007. They can be placed in most places of the home, adding a sense of style, life, and greenery. The plants themselves have unique design elements and an array of colors that fit perfectly into any interior design space. Hang them in your home inside of a terrarium, from a plant pot, or decorate your table with a large succulent garden with varying succulent species.


Succulents thrive outdoors when placed on a shaded porch. They add texture and design to your patio table and look great hanging from your porch roof. The humidity and lack of rain under a covered porch are ideal. Never place outdoors where it will be sunny or rainy, this could cause burning of the leaves or root rot from over-watering.


Some succulents are toxic while others are not. The best advice we recommend is keeping them out of reach of nibbling pets and any children that like to play in your plants!


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