How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Centerpiece

Festive holiday florals are an easy way to set the mood and carry a theme for your holiday party.  With a little planning, you can pick the perfect centerpiece to enhance your holiday fun! Our In Bloom Events Team suggests the following five keys to picking the perfect holiday centerpiece.

Floral Centerpieces for the Holidays | In Bloom Florist | Orlando, FL | Same-Day Delivery on Christmas Eve

  1. Theme
    Are you hosting a hot chocolate bar party or formal dinner affair?  The type of party you are hosting will help determine the look and feel of your centerpiece.
  1.  Colors
    Your party theme will dictate the colors being incorporated into the event.  A Winter Wonderland theme naturally leans towards blue, white and silver, while vibrant floral colors will enhance the fun vibe of an Ugly Sweater Party.  Floral centerpieces or arrangements that echo a party theme through color will help elevate your event.
  1.  Location
    Will the floral centerpieces take center stage on a dining room table, buffet table, or at the party entrance? Flowers naturally prefer different environmental conditions.  If your event takes place outside, incorporate more greenery or floral that can withstand warmer Florida conditions (even in December!).
  1.  Size
    Scale and proportion are key to the right centerpiece. Generally, a centerpiece shouldn’t be over ⅓ the length of the table.  Keep the centerpiece in proportion to the table size and place settings (small table = small centerpiece). Depending on the size of the table, you may want one large centerpiece in the middle with smaller arrangements on the ends.  If the centerpiece is gracing the table where guests will be eating, make sure to create a clear line of sight across the table to encourage conversation.
  1.  Budget
    Finally, think about the portion of your holiday party budget you have allocated to decor.  We offer several popular centerpiece designs, or our team of designers can take your party theme and budget and offer floral suggestions to insure a stunning centerpiece.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life


The men in your life may not give you many clues as to what is on their wish list.  Don’t worry – we have a wide selection of gifts for even the hardest-to-buy for man.

Let the man in your life create his own DIY plant habitat.  Select one of our ready-made designs or hand-pick individual products including soil, rocks, and plants to make the terrarium specific to your gift recipient.

Ananda Candle
Give him the gift of the calming, musky scent of an Ananda Candle in Heirloom Sandalwood. Ananda Candles are locally made with 100% soy wax organically grown in the USA.

Brott’s Beard Care
Bearded man in your life? Treat him to premium beard care products crafted by Winter Garden based Brott’s Beard Care. Beard oil, beard soap, and beard balm are available in orange spice or autumn wood scents.

We carry a wide selection of Sugarfina gourmet gummies, including Bourbon Bears. These non-alcoholic treats are made with single barrel bourbon for a sweet kick!

Pick up a box of Bourbon Wondermade for the delicious taste of Wondermade marshmallows infused with Makers Mark Bourbon.  This non-alcoholic, locally made marshmallow is the perfect grown up treat!

Specialty Cards
Top off your holiday gift with one of our specialty cards.  The unique design of the Bearded Friend card from Red Cap Cards is sure to be a hit with the man on your gift list.

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

Mom gifts for Christmas | In Bloom Florist | Orlando, FL


Still stumped for the perfect gift for Mom?  Our stores are filled with floral themed products that will keep Mom showered with flowers all year long!

Rifle Paper Art Print
“Spray of Blooms” from Rifle Paper is an exquisite 8×10 art print perfect for framing.

Floriography Wine
Want to help Mom unwind?  Pick up one of our bottles of Floriography wine including Blooming Red, Blooming White, or Rose and team it with a soothing Capri Blue candle.

Capri Blue Candle
From the tropical fruit and sugared citrus aroma of the ever popular Volcano to the orchids, jasmine, and gardenia scents of Aloha Orchid, Mom will love the tantalizing fragrances of Capri Blue candles.  Candle jars are perfect for the home and the printed 3 oz travel tins make great stocking stuffers!

Jane’s Body Scrub
Treat mom to a refreshing skin rejuvenation with Jane’s Body Scrub.  This vegan skin treatment smells wonderful and rinses off completely – the perfect combination for a busy Mom!  

Rifle Paper Keychain
Aptly named “Stop & Smell the Roses,”  this keychain is the gift of flowers that Mom can carry with her and enjoy every day!

Rifle Paper + Corkcicle Tumbler
These two Florida-based companies got together and created gorgeous tumblers that are both practical and pretty.  The Tapestry design tumbler is shatter and spill proof and will keep Mom’s beverages cold for 9 hours or hot for 3 hours.

Give the gift of the classic holiday bloom that will brighten Mom’s entire holiday season.  While red may be the color most commonly associated with poinsettias, striking white and pink varieties are also available.

Holiday Guide to Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers at In Bloom Florist | Orlando, FL


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care……Wait, did you forget about the stockings?  We have oodles of products to fill those Christmas stockings.

The Tipsy Elves Candy Bento Box from Sugarfina will be a hit in any stocking.  The Bento Box features 3 gourmet candies including “Merry Kiss-Mas” sugar lips, “Dough Master” sugar cookies, and “Oh Snap!” gingerbread men. We also carry a wide variety of individual Sugarfina products for all the stockings you need to fill.

We carry a wide selection of locally produced Wondermade marshmallows. Each box of uniquely flavored marshmallows, including seasonal varieties, contains 16 snackable marshmallows.  

Capri Blue candle
The tantalizing fragrances of Capri Blue candles in a printed 3 oz travel tin fits perfectly in a stocking. Pick up the fan-favorite scent “Volcano,” sure to be a hit with everyone on your list.

Holiday Ornaments
This retro travel trailer ornament makes a perfect stocking stuffer for a loved one with a bit of wanderlust. Our stores are decked out with holiday trees loaded with beautiful and unique ornaments sure to be perfect for your special someone’s stocking.

Holiday Gift Guide for Friends

Succulent gifts | In Bloom Florist | Orlando, FL


Sometimes finding just the right gift for friends is the hardest holiday task.  Whether your friends have a green thumb or just a sweet tooth, we have unique gifts sure to fit the bill!

Potted Succulent
Succulents are one of the hottest interior design trends because of their unique colors and textures as well as their ease of care.  Personalize your plant gift with just the right plant pot from our selection of trending styles!

Succulent Puzzle
Do you have a friend that likes a challenge (or is maybe just a challenging friend)?  The Succulent Garden 2 in 1 double-sided puzzle has 500 pieces featuring the intricate colors and textures of ever-popular succulents.  Don’t tell your friend, but one side of each piece is glossy and one is matte to help you determine which puzzle piece goes to which side of the puzzle!

Poppy Popcorn
If you have a friend that likes to munch, Poppy Popcorn is the perfect gift.  This non-GMO popcorn is handcrafted in Asheville, North Carolina and comes in wide variety of flavors, including seasonal Gingerbread.   Stop in and ask for a taste – you may just have to buy yourself a bag, too!

For your friend with a sweet tooth we offer a wide variety of Sugarfina candies, the candy for grown-ups! From Cowboy Cactus to Champagne Bubbles, we have just the right flavor to impress that hard to buy for friend.

Idlewild Pocket Books
Idlewild Pocket Books are just the right size and are “designed to house all of your wildest plans and schemes.” The colorful prickly pear design is sure to inspire your friend that likes to doodle or dream.

Succulent + Cacti candles
If you need a truly unique gift for that special friend, this 6 piece tea light set fits the bill.  Featuring various succulents and cacti, these tea lights will add a green touch to your friend’s home decor.

The Little Book of Cacti and other Succulents
Have a friend that likes plants in theory but definitely needs something requiring little maintenance?  Introduce them to the world of cacti and succulents with The Little Book of Cacti and other Succulents.  This directory of 60 popular varieties includes fun photos and expert advice that will turn your friend into a plant parent in no time.


Holiday Gift Guide for Coworkers

Gifts for your Coworker | In Bloom Florist | Orlando, FL


You may work alongside these people every day, but that doesn’t make it any easier to find them the perfect gift!  We’ve gathered up just the right gift ideas for your work family.

Dish Garden
Studies show that plants at work make us more productive and happier.  So why not give your cubicle mate a gift that can benefit you both? Dish gardens are easy to care for and come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit in any office space.

Sisal Bottle Brush Tree
If your coworker isn’t quite up to the care of a real plant, gift them a Sisal Bottle Brush Tree in trendy gradient colors.  Whether displayed during the holidays or all year long, this desk appropriate 7” tree will add a touch of decor to your coworker’s office space.

Specialty Cards
Whether attached to a gift or as a standalone, a thoughtful card is a nice touch for a coworker.  We carry a wide selection of specialty cards including Red Cap Cards which feature the work of some of the world’s greatest artists and illustrators.  

Rifle Paper + Corkcicle Tumbler
These two Florida-based companies got together and created tumblers that are both practical and pretty.  The Queen Anne design tumbler is shatter and spill proof and will keep your coworker’s coffee hot for 3 hours and iced beverages cold for 9 hours.

Rifle Paper Notepad
Empower your coworker to get that task list completed.  This illustrated, 75 page notepad from Rifle Paper certainly won’t get the work done, but it sure will make the tasks look better!

Idlewild Planner
Have a coworker that is a bit organizationally challenged? Encourage a fresh start in the new year with a classy Idlewild 2019 planner that includes daily calendars, monthly calendars, year-at-a-glance, notes pages, and goal tracking.  The gold spiral binding and corner protectors make this planner both practical and pretty!

Idlewild Pen
A perfect finishing touch to the Rifle Paper Notepad or Idlewild Planner, the Idlewild Luxe Writing Pen features a Lush Greens design and has refillable black ink.  Maybe now that certain coworker will stop taking your pens….

Poppy Popcorn
Snacks are always the perfect gift for the coworker that gets the afternoon munchies.  Poppy Popcorn is non-GMO, handcrafted in Asheville, North Carolina, and comes in wide variety of flavors, including seasonal Reindeer Crunch.


Holiday Gift Guide for your Favorite Plant Lady

The countdown to the holidays has begun, and our In Bloom stores in Orlando and Heathrow are loaded with thoughtful and unique gifts for everyone on your gift list. Stop in, complete your holiday gift list, and pick up some beautiful blooms for yourself as a reward for finishing your holiday shopping on time!

Plant lover in your life?  Our stores are stocked with gifts that will appeal to her green thumb!Everything you need for the plant lady in your life!

How to Raise a Plant and Make It Love You Back
From the founders of the online community #houseplantclub comes this solid guide to plant care basics.  From plant shopping to plant care to DIY plant projects, this book is a perfect gift for plant newbies as well as experienced plant parents.

Norfolk Island Pine
A Norfolk Pine makes a perfect gift for your favorite plant lady as it exudes holiday cheer but will last well into the new year!  Add a gift of a water mister to help your plant lady keep this tropical plant happy.

Tillandsia (air plant)
Trendy air plants are an easy choice for the plant lady in your life.  These unique plants don’t need soil to grow (they rely on air and water) so they can be displayed in a multitude of trendy ways, including in a terrarium.

Glass Cloche
Gardening and houseplants have spiked in popularity, and terrariums are the perfect way to combine both of these elements into one gift.  Our bell shaped glass cloche is a unique variation of a standard terrarium and perfect for people short on space. Be sure to add some tools and a water mister for the perfect plant lady gift!

Terrarium Tools
A terrarium tool set is a must have for the plant lady with an existing terrarium or as a finishing touch with the gift of one.  This 4 piece set of a brush, rake, shovel, and tongs is sized just right for the care and maintenance of plants used in the miniature habitat of a terrarium.

Water Mister
Decorative and practical, this gold finish water mister will make your plant lady and her houseplants happy!

Idlewild Desk Pad
Whether a grocery list or weekend plant care to do list, any note looks better on this desk pad decorated with colorful cacti.

Idlewild Keychain
A perfect stocking stuffer, this fun cacti keychain means your favorite plant lady will always have a plant with her!  


Holiday Plant Care Guide

If there is any time of year that is perfect for plant gifts, it is the holiday season.  From vibrant poinsettias to aromatic fresh greens, plants and fresh greens bring the holiday into your home.  Whether you are giving or receiving, follow these tips to keep your plants healthy and happy all season long.


Poinsettia Plant In Bloom Florist Orlando, FL Same-Day Delivery


It’s hard to imagine the holiday season without the vibrant colors of a poinsettia.  The classic plant of the holidays, poinsettias are a wonderful holiday accent for the home as well as a perfect holiday gift.  With a little love, poinsettias can bloom long after the holidays are over.

  • Poinsettias are native to Mexico, so they naturally love high humidity.  Keep them in a bright, sunny spot with a temperature range of 60 degrees at night and 72 degrees during the day.
  • Water poinsettias thoroughly when the surface is dry to the touch.  Make sure to discard excess water in the plant saucer as poinsettias don’t like wet feet.
  • Keep poinsettias away from hot or cold drafts.
  • The popular myth that poinsettias are poisonous is just that, a myth.  Research shows that the plant is non-toxic to humans. However, a poinsettia is not meant to be eaten, so it is best to keep it out of reach of young children.
  • The ASPCA advises that poinsettias are toxic to furry friends so be sure to keep the plant out of reach of curious pets.


Evergreen Wreath In Bloom Florist Orlando, FL Same Day Delivery


Just like a live Christmas tree, a fresh Christmas wreath brings the aromas of Christmas to your home.  Fresh wreaths also make a wonderful hostess gift for a holiday party. However, like a fresh tree, wreaths need a bit of care to insure they last all season long.

  • Choose the location for your wreath carefully.  Fresh wreaths last longer if kept out of direct sunlight and in cooler temperatures.  
  • Make sure your wreath has a good flow of oxygen around it to insure freshness.
  • Keep your wreath from drying out.  In the Florida climate, this is critically important.  Spritz your wreath with water every few days, focusing on the back of the boughs, in order to keep it hydrated.


Norfolk Island Pine In Bloom Florist Orlando, FL Same-Day Delivery

Norfolk Island Pines

Most often seen around the holidays as cute Christmas trees, Norfolk pines are actually not pines at all.  These plants are tropical and with a little love, will last well into the new year.

  • As a tropical plant, Norfolk pines do not like cold weather.  They cannot tolerate temperatures below 35 degrees and need to be kept away from cold drafts.
  • Water Norfolk pines when the soil feels dry to the touch.  As a tropical plant, Norfolk pines also need high humidity.  A weekly misting of the tree with keep it healthy and happy.
  • Norfolk pines love several hours of direct, bright light a day and will enjoy a south-facing window.


Christmas Cactus In Bloom Florist Orlando, FL Same-Day Delivery

Christmas Cactus

With its colorful, long-lasting blooms, a Christmas cactus is a popular choice for holiday decor and gift-giving.  While it’s called a cactus, the natural habitat of the Christmas cactus is actually the humid climate of the Brazilian rainforest.  A little bit of care will insure flowering blooms on your cactus all winter long.

  • For the best blooming, provide bright, indirect light and temperatures between 70 degrees in the day and 60-65 degrees at night.
  • Water a cactus when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch by soaking it until water runs through the drainage holes.  Make sure to discard any excess water so it doesn’t sit in water.
  • Mist your humidity-loving cactus frequently to keep it happy.

Sources:  Society of American Florists, ASPCA, Harbor Farm,,

Rochelle + Selena: Galentines

Rochelle and Selena have been a part of our In Bloom family for over 3 years. Rochelle is our Events Manager, ensuring the vision for every In Bloom bride is carried out flawlessly. Selena is our Sales Manager, leading all of our sales associates and ensuring our day-to-day processes run smoothly. They both joined the In Bloom family around the same time and have grown to be great friends (Rochelle is even planning Selena’s wedding in March)! This Galentine’s day, we wanted to highlight their friendship!

Our Sales Manager, Selena (Left) and our Events Manager, Rochelle (Right).


What was your first interaction like?

Rochelle: “I feel like I introduced myself super awkwardly/goofy and then we bonded about Disney.”

Selena: “Rochelle was just hired on as an assistant to our (at the time) wedding coordinator, and was so excited to be working in the industry. She was energetic, bubbly, and so sweet, and immediately I knew she would be one of my closest friends in the shop!”

What do you admire about each other?

Rochelle: “I admire Selena’s constant positive attitude. Even if she’s not feeling too well, I know she will always put on a smiling face and get through everything.”

Selena: “I admire Rochelle’s drive and how motivated she is to help our wedding department, and in turn our company, grow. She is always promoting the shop at local social networking events, and finding new partnering vendors that will help to cross promote our company.”

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Rochelle: “EAT FOOD!!”

Selena: “Outside of work we are both Disney nerds, so we love to visit the parks together any chance we get!”

What do you like most about your friendship?

Rochelle: “That it came so easy. From the moment we met, I knew she was someone I clicked with. We have the same sarcastic humor, we LOVE Disney and she’s someone that I know I can come to for anything.”

Selena: “I can tell Rochelle anything and know that she will never judge me for it! I always feel comfortable around her and know she is there to help with anything.”

How will you celebrate each other this Galentine’s Day?

Rochelle: “By gifting her with my presence! Haha, In all seriousness, we will both be working this Valentine’s Day, so I know we will be each other’s support and comic relief during the craziness.”

Selena: “With my wedding being next month, Rochelle has been such a blessing to have around, using her experience and expertise to help with all of the last minute things you would never think of! I will definitely owe her a Galentine’s cocktail at Epcot.”

Treat your Galentine to something special, like our “Dream Girl” arrangement!



Dara: Self Love

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, you probably have all the preparations in place to treat your Valentine this holiday (and if you don’t… let us help!). But, have you thought about treating yourself this Valentine’s Day? Our Event Assistant, Dara is taking some time this holiday to practice some self love!

Our Events Assistant, Dara, enjoying some “me time!”


What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

Dara: “I hate to say I’m a shopoholic, but my favorite way to pamper myself is a successful shopping spree! Getting my hair done would be a close second!”

How do you make time for yourself daily?

Dara: “I try to squeeze in time for myself whenever I can. I read a little before I go to sleep, binge watch my favorite shows, and make the most of my days off!”


Why do you feel it’s important to have “me time?”

Dara: “Without time to relax and rejuvenate, life would get extremely overwhelming. I try to do things for myself as often as I can so I feel I’ve made the most of my week!”

What’s a personal goal you’d like to focus on this year?

Dara: “This year will be about all things creative. I want to learn new photography techniques, get into digital art, and of course, learn about new trends in floral design!”

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day with the “Self Love” arrangement!