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Posted by In Bloom Florist on May 12, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Gift Guides Plant Info

Gifting With Plants

A common question among our customers is why, when, and to whom do I give plants? Read below to find out which occasion is appropriate to gift a plant and the reasons why.

Houseplants for Housewarming

Did your friend or family member buy a new house? What better way to say congratulations than with a houseplant.


  • Adds fresh greenery to any space.
  • Grows with the couple or individual in the home.
  • Creates a zen, warming environment for them and their guests.
  • Naturally adds style and decor!

Keep in mind when buying a houseplant for a new plant parent, some are easier than others to care for. Don’t gift them with something that may be too difficult for their lifestyle. If they have pets, do some research to make sure the plant is not toxic. There are plenty of houseplants perfect for new plant parents, a pet-friendly home, or even seasoned plant parents. Learn more about plant care tips here >>

Plants for Peace

It’s difficult to say I’m sorry, but it shouldn’t be difficult to gift something meaningful. Plants are the best emotional support, they grow and can last a lifetime.


  • Plants provide comfort in one’s home after a funeral.
  • They grow with the memory of a passed loved one.
  • It gives a sense of peace and nurturing.
  • Plants purify the air and help to de-stress.

Our plant recommendations for sympathy are a peace lily, dish garden, or an orchid.

Growing Green

Birthdays and the birth of a child make the perfect excuse for a new plant! Consider plants the gift that keeps on growing.


  • Long-lasting to grow with the new baby or child.
  • Gives a new sense of responsibility.
  • Symbolizes innocence and peace.
  • Provides a new hobby and lifestyle transition.

The most popular birthday plants to gift are succulents, pothos, and orchids.

Friendship and Foliage

Celebrate your friendiversary with a plant! Deliver plants straight to their doorstep to remind your best friend how much you appreciate them.


  • Represents the growth in your friendship.
  • The perfect way to say thank you for being there through everything.
  • A piece of you to be with them if they live far away.
  • Perfect for the plant lover in your life.

Browse our plant collection to surprise your bestie!

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