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Posted by In Bloom Florist on October 19, 2021 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Gift Guides Holiday

In Bloom’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

In Bloom Florist’s

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season let’s get a little more creative with our gifts! Think local, gourmet, fresh, and curated for all of the people in your life. These top gift categories will open up your possibilities so you can’t forget anyone on your list.

For the Love of Local

Support some of our favorite local Orlando brands by shopping in-store with us for the holidays. We have sweets, stickers, and other locally hand-crafted items perfect for your fellow Orlando lovers this holiday season.

1. Stickers: Flower-themed stickers? Count us in! Stickers make great stocking stuffers for kids and adults. Everyone loves a new sticker on their water bottle or coffee tumbler. We have stickers locally designed by Friendlily Press. Anywhere from their well-known Love Orlando design, to the state of Florida, to flower and plant themes. Check these out in both of our shops.

2. Keychains: Another great stocking gift! We have fun floral-inspired and Florida-inspired keychains, the perfect little gift to give this year.

3. Umbrellas: This is probably the most appropriate present for our Orlando locals. These fun floral umbrellas made by Rifle Paper Co. will keep anyone dry in the Florida rain. Only available in-store, at both of our shop locations.

4. Artwork: Put a little bit of Orlando on someone’s wall. Simple, local designs by Bloomwolf Studio, and floral-inspired art perfect for anyone’s space.

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Gifts of Gourmet

Let’s not forget about the wine, sweets, and savory gifts too! Gourmet items make the perfect gift for almost anyone. Snacks for Dad, wine for mom, and savory gift boxes for your friends and relatives delivered directly to the doorstep.

1.  Wine: Pop open a bottle of your favorite wine with a friend or relative for the holidays! This year we have a new prosecco, cabernet sauvignon, and rosé that pair perfectly with a fresh floral arrangement.

2. Chocolates: We have chocolates handcrafted right from Maitland Chocolate Factory! A variety of sizes and types of chocolate offered in-store and online. Looking for something to pair with your chocolate? Let us pack up a custom gift box for you with wine, floral, and more! This could make a great romantic gift for your loved one, or even a simple thank you for your holiday host!

3. Reusable Water Bottles: We can never have too many water bottles. Inspire others to be eco-friendly this year and gift them a re-usable water bottle!

4. Gourmet Gift Boxes: This year we have upgraded our gourmet boxes! Send something savory, sweet, or even one of our premium boxes to satisfy cravings.

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Flower Friends Forever

Calling all flower lovers! We have curated gifts in-store and online with pretty petals in mind. Shop fresh floral or dried arrangements online, single fresh or dried stems, and a wrapped bouquet in-store, and other gifts to make the perfect gift set!

1. Fresh Floral Arrangements: Gift someone an arrangement to show them why we are your go-to local florist! Our designers love to create custom pieces that speak directly to what your family and friends love. Looking to pick out your own fresh stems from our cooler? Come in-store to hand-select your floral. Fresh flowers from a local florist is a great way to show you are thinking of someone for the holidays.

2. Forever Floral: Introducing our silk & dried collection! These arrangements feature dried and silk arrangements that will last a lifetime! This season give a low-maintenance floral piece to someone special to enjoy beyond the holidays.

3. Floral Pet Accessories: We can’t forget about the fur-children! Our new pet accessories make the best gifts for our fur-friends. Gift them a new collar, matching leash, or even a floral accessory to keep them styling all year.

4. Pens & To Dos: We can’t forget the person on our list who loves to make a list. The hard-working coworker, our parents who need a grocery list, or just a constant note-taker, these gifts are easy and fit right in a stocking.

5. Fresh Picked Stems: Did you know you can shop our coolers at both locations, anytime you come in-store? Hand-pick your very own floral, plants, and greenery for everyone on your shopping list!

6. Cards: Send or gift a note of thanks, love, or encouragement with our specialty cards in-store or over the phone. Artwork supplied by Rifle Paper Co. and Friendlily Press!

Self-Care & Spa

Rest and relaxation is what a lot of us need during the holiday season. Gift some R&R this year, with fresh scented candles, spa products, crystal energy, and more!

1. Crystals: These beautiful stones are thought to promote good energy and help rid the body and mind of stress. These make a great stocking gift to those who could use some good vibes during the holidays!

2. Lotions: We have spa gift sets and in-store lotions for everyday use. You can never go wrong with gifting fresh-scented lotions at any time during the holiday season.

3. Candles: A candle for each room, that’s what we are talking about. Garden scents, eucalyptus, herbs, we have it all, any smell fit for anyone. We have signature Capri Blue Volcano candles as well as their new Gilded Muse collection in-store.

4. Plants: Houseplants make such a great gift, they add comfort to a home, a sense of responsibility, and fresh outdoor life to an indoor space. We even have low-maintenance plants for those who are beginner plant-parents!

5. Floral: We may have said it already but floral in any form is sure to bring a smile onto someone’s face during the holidays. From loved ones near or far, have something delivered straight to their work or home as a fresh surprise!

6. Hand Wash: Practical gifts that everyone needs in their home or office are always needed. For a stocking stuffer, or just to add a fresh scent to their collection, there can never be enough hand soap.

7. Body Wash: Included in our premium spa baskets, our fresh scented body wash makes the perfect practical gift for anyone this holiday season.

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Happy Homebody

For those who love to hang-out and enjoy their own space, these gifts are perfect. We all have a friend or family member who loves to relax, tend to their plants, and create a zen environment in their home. These gifts will bring joy to any space.

1. Plants: Plant friends provide a calming environment and is a gift that keeps on growing!

2. Puzzles: Spending time at home with a puzzle is a relaxing activity to do alone or with the family. This makes the perfect gift for any puzzle-lover in your life and doubles as wall art once they finish it!

3. Books: We have plant books, books on crystals, and floral books that can help anyone learn all about flowers and arranging them.

4. Candles & Accessories: There is nothing like walking into a room and smelling a freshly lit candle. Check out our large candle selection and candle accessories in-store.

5. Wine & Accessories: Check out our wine collection, we have beautiful floral-inspired bottles and a variety of wine types.

6. Sweets: Sugarfina is our go-to for gummy’s, chocolates, and other sweet treats. Check out our gift sets or singular boxes in-store! (*Hint: They make a nice add-on with your fresh floral gifts!)

7. Fresh Floral: For any occasion and especially during the holidays. We have holiday color palettes for any type of gift. Centerpieces for a family dinner party, arrangements for the home, and fresh floral bouquets for a just because holiday surprise!

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Green Thumb Guru

For the plant-lovers who can never have enough plants and accessories! This guide is full of fresh plants, plant tools, stickers, and books about plants.

1. Plants: Plant-lovers can never have too many plants in their home. A small succulent, a low-maintenance birds nest fern, or even our fall garden groove planter would make a perfect holiday present.

2. Plant Tools: There are many tools a plant parent should have. We have plant tool sets, clippers, succulent and terrarium tools, and watering cans in-store!

3. Self-watering Planter: Know someone who always forgets to water their plants? This planter is the perfect gift item! You put water in the bottom and the plant will utilize what it needs, when it needs it!

4. Trendy Plant Pots: In-store our plant pot selection has grown! There are trendy terracotta pots, cosmic star planters, plant hangers, and more.

5. Books about Plants: “How Not to Kill Your Plants” is a great book every new plant-parent should have, as well as our other plant care books available in-store.

All of this & more available in-store and online.