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Posted by In Bloom Florist on February 28, 2022 | Last Updated: May 4, 2023 Flower Info

March Flower of the Month: Tulips

March Flower Of The Month:


Family: Liliaceae

The most famous Spring bulb flower is the tulip. There is so much to learn about this popular bloom, with a history that has created chaos and beauty alike, unique traits that keep them growing, and more! Find out more about our March flower of the month.


Native To: Tulips come from Central Asia and arrived in the Netherlands in the 16th century.

In The Wild: These bulb flowers actually grow in the wild! Of course they can only be found in mountain areas that are hard to get to with temperate climates.

Tulip Care

Tulips can last about seven days after they have bloomed. They have very delicate stems so we recommend handling them carefully when taking them out of an arrangement. Your tulips will last longer if you take off any leaves that are close to the water, this will prevent bacteria from growing in your vase.

Tulips in a vase:

When you purchase a tulip arrangement in a vase, you want to make sure you refresh your cold water every day or two. Every time you take your stems out of water be sure to cut each stem at a 45-degree angle. When cutting your stems, only cut about a 1/2 an inch off to maintain their length. Cutting your stems will allow your tulips to continue to drink. Tulips are amazing cut stems, they will even continue to grow in your vase of water!

Tulips in Foam:

Tulip arrangements, when designed in floral foam, provides a foundation for a more interesting look. Whenever you have a floral foam arrangement, never take your stems out! You can refresh the water by filling your container up with cold water anytime the foam gets dry to the touch. The foam will absorb the water it needs.

With both vase and foam arrangements, always make sure you are placing them in a dark, cool location in your home. Placing them in direct sunlight or near a warm environment will decrease their lifespan.

Growing in your garden:

Tulip flowers make a great Spring addition to your garden at home! All tulip varieties do best in a full sun environment. With well-draining soil and compost your tulips will thrive. In regards to water, only water abundantly when they are first planted, after that you can withhold watering until there are long dry spells. In dryer regions, you can water them every two weeks. Tulips grow best in an outdoor environment that has cool winters and dry summers. Florida is not the best place to grow tulips, they prefer a dry climate. Florida weather with excessive humidity and rain could cause bulbs to rot.

Symbolism and Fun Facts

  • Tulips will continue to grow in water as a cut stem.
  • Most tulips have symmetrical buds.
  • There are over 150 types of tulip species and over 3,000 varieties.
  • Tulips are part of the Lily family.
  • The best way to say, “I’m Sorry”, is with white tulips.
  • They represent the arrival of Spring.
  • Tulips used to be the most expensive flower.
  • The time period that tulips were valuable was called, “Tulip Mania”.
  • Tulip petals that are not treated can be used in place of onions.
  • The Netherlands is the world’s largest commercial producer of tulips.
  • Tulips grow towards the light, so if you place them in a room they will turn and face wherever the light is.

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