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Posted by In Bloom Florist on November 9, 2023 Holiday

Thanksgiving Dinner Blooms

What’s your Thanksgiving Vibe?

Finding the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece to match your style just got a whole lot easier! One of the most important parts of hosting Thanksgiving dinner, (besides the food and the guests), is the Thanksgiving centerpiece and floral display. You don’t want to have just any design on your tables, but one that reflects the overall essence you are going for. Keep reading to narrow down your seasonal vibe:

Modern & Fun Thanksgiving:

Looking to make a statement, but in a way that is not traditional? 

The Trailblazer Centerpiece is the one that will shine on your table and bring a punch of color. It’s more than just a Thanksgiving centerpiece; it’s an embodiment of the season that will bring togetherness between everyone. 

The Grand Forage is exactly what it sounds like. GRAND! Forget the turkey, this will be the main event at your Thanksgiving party and it won’t get in the way of the food when you put it as a statement piece in your entryway or on your buffet! Everyone will stop and say, “WOW!”

Traditional Thanksgiving:

If you are looking for a centerpiece that will match your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, look no further! The only question is, how traditional do you want your centerpiece to be? 

The Cross-Country Trio is an excellent choice if your goal is to bring a traditional Thanksgiving feeling to your table but in a unique display. This centerpiece is unique because it comes in 3! You can place them in a row down the middle of your runner or place them throughout your home to add a touch of Thanksgiving everywhere! 

For a centerpiece that brings more than just a traditional Thanksgiving feeling, but is a classic, is the Golden Gathering Cornucopia. Cornucopias symbolize abundance and a bountiful harvest, which is why it has become one of the most popular picks this season and a staple at the dinner table during Thanksgiving.

If you want to take it a step further with your cornucopia and really wow your guests, try the Bountiful Friendship Workshop. During this workshop, you will create your very own cornucopia to take home but with an added element of fresh fruit! Talk about a traditional Thanksgiving!

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