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Posted by In Bloom Florist on July 31, 2020 | Last Updated: July 28, 2021 Other

Faux Botanicals At In Bloom Florist

Did You Know?

Our Faux Botanical Designers can make any custom order you envision!

From orchid arrangements to floral centerpieces, we can match any aesthetic.


Why Faux Vs. Fresh?

Faux Botanicals are a great addition to pair with your fresh arrangements within your home and are longer lasting, providing an element you do not have to replace.

Low-maintenance Faux Botanicals are easy to care for, they don’t require fresh dirt or water!

How Do You Care For Them?

Faux floral & plant pieces occasionally collect dust and spiderwebs. We recommend using silk cleaner, an air duster or a blow-dryer on low & cool. This will carefully remove dust and will not damage the silks. Do not use heat on them due to the glue that attaches all of the elements of the design.

These can be placed anywhere inside your home or on a covered porch. Most floral silk designs may fade or become damaged if exposed to outdoor elements if they are non-UV treated. When considering placement, decide if your design will be indoors or outside and let your designer know if you would need UV treatment.

What To Consider When Ordering

Always come with a detailed description on what you are envisioning when ordering a custom Faux Botanical.

What kind of faux are you looking for?

We can create faux floral arrangements, plants and greenery, dish gardens, orchids, centerpieces, wreaths or a combination of blooms & greenery.

What Kind of color scheme or style do you prefer?

To pair with your home or office decor, we would need to know if you prefer neutral tones, a colorful fun design, something modern or rustic. We could even create something more rich and elegant or bold and dark. The shape is also something to consider when purchasing a custom piece. We can do a short-round Pave, something more tall and asymmetrical or natural flowing, a one-sided piece that may be against a wall, or something 360 degrees that you can place on a table. Whichever design style you prefer or color scheme you like, we can pick and choose each piece individually to match your unique design!

Is this a piece that will be up seasonally or all-year long?

We can design our custom Faux Botanicals for whichever season you prefer or keep it as an element that can be used all-year in your home. If it is a seasonal element you can store these in a plastic bag or box away from any heating elements to preserve it.

What kind of container do you prefer?

We have a wide variety of pots, containers and vases to choose from. If it is a round white plant pot you are looking for or a tall glass vase let us know! We can cater to most requests and even offer suggestions that would pair perfectly with your design.

When do you need your custom piece?

Custom Faux Botanicals have a longer turn-around than custom fresh designs. We recommend speaking to one of our designers to determine the time frame it will take to create your vision!


How To Order

To speak with one of our Faux Botanical Designers to discuss your vision and design or if you have any questions regarding what we can do, feel free to call us at (407) 649-7771

Know exactly what you want? You can also place an order by sending us an email –