Amy + Nick: A Modern Love

Amy and Nick are both In Bloom employees, and we are so excited to share a piece of their story! If you’ve ever called to order flowers, you may have talked to Amy, one of our sales associates who has been with us for over a year. If you’ve ever had flowers delivered to you, you may have met Nick, one of our delivery drivers. We’ve loved seeing their relationship grow and develop at our shop!

Amy (Left) and Nick (Right) enjoying quality time on the couch.

When and how did you meet?

Amy: “We actually met in high school, we had one class together– Agriculture, where we became friends and flirted all the time!”

What initially drew you to each other?

Amy: “Our music taste is what initially brought us together. Nick and I would always share ear buds to show each other new songs or bands that we think we both would like.”

What’s your favorite thing to do together? 

Amy: “We love trying out new restaurants and checking out scenic parks! And when we don’t feel like going out, we normally relax on the couch and watch anime together.

What was your first Valentine’s Day spent together like?

Amy: “Our first Valentine’s Day together was low-key and perfect. I had class during the first part of the day, afterward we hung out at our favorite lake and exchanged little gifts for each other like chocolates, Oreos, and a little coffee mug that said “I woof you” with a stuffed dog toy in it.”

What’s your favorite thing about Nick?

Amy: “I love that Nick can always make me laugh, whether it be at him or a corny joke he tells, I can never stay upset when I’m with him.”

What do your Valentine’s plans for this year look like?

Amy: “We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 9th this year by going out to dinner, since we’ll both be dedicated to helping others enjoy their Valentine’s Day at the shop!”

Our “Modern Love” arrangement.

Kate + Matt: An Adventurous Love

We love Kate and Matt’s outlook on life and love. 6 years together and now raising two toddlers, their relationship is still pure romance. Read more about their love below!

Matt (Left) and Kate (Right) with their kids, Leo (Left) and Nora (Right) on a family bike ride.

When and how did you meet? 

Matt: “A debatable topic at our house… She says Atlanta, I say Orlando. At the time, we both were in a college bible study group. She was eccentric in a very attractive way. After meeting her, I had more questions than answers, and I liked that. I was determined to learn more!”

Kate: “My claim is a very distinct moment at Passion Conference in Atlanta, I was interested in him from the moment I saw him, however he does not remember meeting me!”

What initially drew you to each other? 

Kate: “I had no idea the depths of his heart when I was dating him, however, I loved how he spoke of Jesus, how he was consistently the nicest person I had ever encountered, and he never spoke a bad word about anyone. His extreme good looks and ‘cool’ demeanor were icing on the cake!”

Matt: “She was (and still is) a bad ass with the kindest heart and deep love for God. Never neutral, always confident and beautiful. I just had to be around her all the time!”

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Kate: “Anything outdoors- tennis games, bike rides, snow skiing, hiking, walks, laying in the front yard with two kids between us, anything on the water– we connect best over activities.”

Matt: “If Kate could live in a tree house in the forest, she would. I’m not that extreme, but we both love being outdoors. In Orlando with two toddlers that means bike rides, boating, tennis, and a lot of walks. When we travel, we like to explore and love skiing. Oh, and food. Yeah, we love food.”

What was your first Valentine’s Day spent together like?

Matt: “I worked way across town and made the surprise trip to her office in Winter Park with gifts and things. It was a small gesture but I hope it went a long way.”

Kate: “All the girls in the office gathered at the balcony window to peek at us down below on the bench, it was so sweet!”

What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day spent together?

Matt: “We like to keep things simple. One of my favorite Valentine’s was skipping a fancy meal and instead have a shopping spree at Whole Foods. We loaded up on wine, cheese, and a bunch of vegan stuff. It turned into a makeshift dinner picnic with lots of conversation and laughter. Afterwards, we ended up going to a fancy restaurant, but just for dessert. I loved it!”

Kate: “I still have all the cards he has given me over the years, those to me are the best part!”

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Kate: “An excuse to celebrate us!”

Matt: “My gosh– its February already?!”

What’s your favorite aspect/characteristic about each other?

Kate: “Just one? His 110% integrity shows across the board, he is humble and upstanding in everything he does. He makes it easy to respect him as much as I love him.”

Matt: “I have many. Kate– she’s playful and passionate; but above all, she’s unconditionally committed to me and our family. She puts full effort and sacrifice into our marriage and raising our two children.”

How do you make time for each other during your day to day lives?

Kate: “I don’t have a certain item to point to, but we both carry the mentality that God is first, our marriage is second, followed by our children, and I think this is what keeps our priorities in check at a daily level.”

Matt: “We do our best to survive the work/kids/life routine until the babysitters come for date night! I cherish our date nights, no matter what we end up doing. It’s also important to me that I spend lunch with her during the work week regularly, the mornings and evenings can be hectic!”

What do your Valentine’s plans for this year look like?

Kate: “Ha! I’m just hoping we can get a babysitter…”

Matt: “Seriously, its February already…?! Hey, a Whole Foods reunion sounds nice to me!”

Kate and Matt’s daughter, Nora, holding the ‘Pure Romance’ bouquet.





Kayla + Val: An Organic Love

The next couple we’d like to share with you are some good friends of our In Bloom Florist family, Kayla and Val: an Orlando couple who after 6 years together and two toddlers later, always make time for each other– even if it’s a night-in on the couch with Chinese food.

Val (Left) and Kayla (Right) enjoying one of their favorite activities: cooking together.

When and how did you meet?

Kayla + Val: “We met in April 2011 at our pastors house, who eventually set us up months later!”

What initially drew you to each other?

Kayla + Val: “It’s hard to pin point what it was. We used to quote the show ‘Friends’ all the time to each other and talk in Spanish to each other (trying to sharpen both of our Spanish speaking), which was just the flirting early on that drew us more inclined to one another.”

What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day spent together?

Kayla + Val: “Our favorite Valentine’s Day would be our 4th one we spent together in 2015. Our first born was only 4 months old. We had Chinese food, lots of chocolates, wine, watched a movie and went to bed early since we were still sleep deprived from having our baby. It was magical!”

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Kayla + Val: “It’s the season when we started dating so it holds a special place to us. We both are not huge ‘Valentine’s Day people’ but it’s a day we get to just focus on each other and spend some great quality time together.”

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Kayla: “The huge heart Val has for not only me, but for everyone is out of this world. His love for people and investment in them is something I try to live up to every day. Also the passion he has for the things he loves is amazing to watch. There is not just one part of him that is my favorite. The list goes on and on.”

Val: “There isn’t one part of Kayla that is my favorite. There can’t be. Every part of Kayla is my favorite and that’s not a cop out. ‘She’s drop dead gorgeous’ isn’t enough and ‘she makes me better’ is an understatement. It’s more like she defines what beauty means and I am who I am because of her.”

What do your Valentine’s plans for this year look like?

Kayla + Val: “We have two kids 3 and under so our Valentine’s every year now consist of a date night in after we put the kids to bed with: Chinese food, lots of chocolates, a bottle of red wine, a movie, and cuddling up on the sofa!”

Our “Organic Love” arrangement.

Jackie + Roy: A Timeless Love

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to highlight the love that is all around us: the love stories of In Bloom employees and friends of In Bloom. We hope you enjoy reading these stories!

Jackie has been a part of the In Bloom family as a sales associate at our Downtown Orlando location for almost two years. She and her partner, Roy have been together for over 21 years.  Here is a little window into the love Jackie and Roy share.

Jackie (Left) and Roy (Right), enjoying their favorite activity: sitting down to have dinner together.

How did you meet and what initially drew you to Roy?

Jackie: “Roy was actually my ex-boyfriend’s best friend. Roy was (and still is) very handsome and funny– when he wants to be!”

What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day(s) spent together?

Jackie: “On our first Valentine’s, we stayed at a hotel and had dinner out at our favorite restaurant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was the first time I told him I loved him. Another year, he gave me a print out of a scene in Ireland– we went there for my birthday and it was the best trip ever!”

What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Jackie: “Eat! Roy is a great cook.”

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Jackie: “That no matter what– we are together because we love each other!”

How do you make time for each other during your day to day lives?

Jackie: “Roy works from home all day– he’s as exhausted as me at day’s end. No matter how exhausted we are at the end of the day, we try to have dinner every night together.”

What do your Valentine’s Day plans for this year look like?

Jackie: “I will be here at In Bloom; it’s crazy, but fun, and I love it! When I get home, Roy will probably make me steak and lobster– my favorite!”

Jackie and Roy with our ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ arrangement.



5 Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Have you thought about your tablescape decor yet? Don’t fret! We’ve got some simple ideas and tips to make your table look stunning for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast or Friendsgiving gathering.

Here’s an example of a tablescape we put together with materials we had on hand:

What we used for our tablescape:

Here’s 5 tips for achieving this simple look and suggestions for how to make them your own!



Photo Credit (from left): In Bloom Florist, Pinterest (, Pinterest (

This is a simple DIY project and a fun substitute for a traditional table runner. All you need is a roll of kraft paper, which is available at most craft stores (we happen to use kraft paper to wrap our loose flowers, so we had that available), scissors, markers, and some creativity!

For our kraft paper table runner, we kept it the width that it came in and cut it longer than the length of the table so it cascaded over the edges of the table.

We also wrote the name of each of our guests above their plate. First, we traced the top of each plate with a pencil to act as a guide to write each name. Then, we used a nice brush tip black marker to write each name (we find these are easier for writing pretty cursive script than a regular sharpie). We love how this simple script made our meal personal, but still kept it very clean and classy.

Another fun idea that we’ve seen is to leave the markers on the table and encourage guests to write what they’re thankful for. This is a fun and easy interactive activity and a gentle reminder to be thankful for everyone and everything at your feast.

We kept the ends of our kraft paper straight and neat, but you can get creative and cut different designs on the ends to add your own flair!


Photo Credit (from left): In Bloom Florist, Pinterest (, Pinterest (

What better way to get that fall look than gathering some autumn foliage for your table decor?

Although going outside and finding these materials sounds like a simple (and free) task, we found it a bit hard to find pretty fall foliage in Florida. For our tablescape, we used preserved pine cones we sell in our storefront. You can certainly find other items such as fall leaves and wooden twigs at most craft stores, as well.

Spray paint fall leaves and use them as name cards. Gather twigs and use them to make an old candle holder new! We love the rustic chic feel these little touches give to the table.


Photo credit (from left): In Bloom Florist, Pinterest (Casa De Perrin), Pinterest (

Don’t have enough matching plate ware to accommodate your guest count? Make your mismatched plates intentional!

For our tablescape, we decided to mismatched our chargers (gold and wooden), but you can take it a step further and mismatched all your plate ware!

If you need more plates than you have off-hand to achieve this look, we recommend hitting up your local thrift store for this project. You can keep the look clean but still achieve that mismatched aesthetic by choosing all white plate ware with different designs, or choose all different colors and designs for a more boho look.


Photo credit (from left): In Bloom Florist, Pinterest (Michelle @ Ten June), Pinterest (Hey Wedding Lady)

Don’t want to go out and spend a lot of money on new seasonal decor? Look around and see what you have around your home that you could modify for your Thanksgiving table!

We spruced up our bronze geometric pyramid decorations with a rustic wooden candle and pine cones to make it fit the occasion more.

Have glass containers? Grab some pumpkins or other fall decor and display them in the glass, or reuse an empty wine bottle as a candle holder!


Now that you’ve got all the little details together, don’t forget the most important decor item for your tablescape: a beautiful floral centerpiece to give your table the final touch and a lasting impression! We’ve got you covered on that end!

Check out our fall centerpieces here (we can even make a one-of-a-kind custom centerpiece to match your decor style perfectly!).




Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Ashleigh’s Story

Ashleigh with “Cordel,” an elegant, beautiful arrangement named after her mother that symbolizes hope, love, and strength.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month dedicated to education, understanding, and fund-raising for a cure.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, one of our employees, Ashleigh wanted to share her experience as a daughter of a breast cancer survivor.

“Just over one year ago, we received the worst news ever. But thanks to early detection, I still have my mom with me today.

An annual mammogram helped save my mom’s life. Her breast cancer was caught at a very early stage, and although the long process of doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and treatments was extremely tiresome and stressful, it was all worth it. Why? Because today, she has a clean bill of health, and is back to a happy, cancer-free life.

During my mom’s treatment, I was privileged to show love and care towards my mother, who has always done her absolute best to love and care for me. I’m so thankful I could be here to help her through the difficult process of fighting breast cancer. The comfort found in God’s word, the Bible, and the strength and support He provides, were crucial to being able to cope with the stress of the situation.

Being directly affected by cancer has made me more thankful for each day of life that I get to enjoy with my friends and family.”


This October, we want to celebrate the strength of those affected by breast cancer and help aid in the fight. That’s why we will be donating 10% of every purchase from our Pink Ribbon Month Collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). BCRF is a national foundation dedicated to the prevention and cure of breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. Learn more about the cause at

Help us make a difference! Shop our Pink Ribbon Collection here.


Boss’s Day 2017: Our Story

We want to wish a Happy Boss’s Day to all the fearless and devoted leaders out there, but especially to our own, John and Sally Kobylinski!

A lot of people know John and Sally as the leaders and owners of In Bloom Florist, but not a lot of people know the story behind In Bloom’s beginnings, and John and Sally’s years of sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to their community and their business that have led to their successes today. In honor of Boss’s Day, we’d like to share that story with you.

The Backstory: John

An Orlando native, John loved working on the yard with his dad and finding out about different floral and plant species. His dad, ever pragmatic, was focused on plants and trees that provided food and shade, but John was intrigued by the wide variety of all growing things.  

This initial hobby grew into a desire for John to educate himself, so he began working on a degree in Ornamental Horticulture. One of his early instructors encouraged all the students to obtain a job in a field related to plants and flowers. So, at the age of 20, John began a seemingly uneventful role as a delivery person for a flower shop in Orlando.  

John and Sally on their wedding day in 1985.

Although it wasn’t planned, within three years he was promoted to be the manager of this flower shop. It was at this time that John and Sally met at a mutual friend’s Valentine’s Day wedding in 1983. Two years later in 1985, they were married at First Presbyterian Church in the chapel.

With his hard work and gift at building relationships, he grew the revenue of the flower shop by 500% within six years. At that point, John opened five other locations for this corporation and was managing the day-to-day operations for two flower shops in Orlando, while working as a Regional Manager for shops in Tallahassee, Melbourne and Altamonte Springs.

Within a decade of getting that first job as a delivery person, John was approached by an angel investor who helped him to pursue his dream to open his own flower shop. This mentor and businessman said to John, “I don’t invest in businessesI invest in people.  Could I help you start your own shop?” Of course, John said yes, but as with most new businesses, this was such a leap of faith for John and Sally’s marriage and family. They had only been married five years and already started a small family. Their daughter Corissa was getting ready to turn 3 at this time and their son Tyler was just 1 years old.

In 1990, John opened his new store, Orlando Flower Mart. Situated in southwest Orlando, it was based near area hotels, yet easily accessible to I-4 and the East-West Expressway. This location allowed him the opportunity to serve both the residences and businesses in most of Central Florida. Although he was initially the salesperson, the designer, the delivery person and the manager, he slowly added employees to support his growing business.

Our second shop in Heathrow, FL.

Toward the end of 1998, John started looking for a way to better serve Seminole county residents and businesses. He found an opportunity to open a second shop in The Shoppes at Oakmonte in Heathrow. Due to the fact that this new location was about 20 miles north of Orlando, the store couldn’t be called Orlando Flower Mart. He wanted to find a name that would work for both locations to help build a consistent brand name and image. He decided to name the shop In Bloom Florist at Heathrow and he would rename the original location, Orlando Flower Mart, In Bloom Florist.

The Backstory: Sally

Sally’s grandfather, Ray Melander.

Although Sally didn’t dream of being a florist, her family had a rich history steeped in flowers and plants, along with a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work. Sally’s paternal grandparents opened a greenhouse and flower shop in Upstate New York in the 1930’s. During World War  II, her grandmother came up with the great idea to care for their customers, while making their business memorable. They included a small plant with each arrangement, so each recipient could add to or begin their victory garden.  

Following in her family’s history, Sally’s parents started a flower shop in the early 1960’s and actually competed against her grandparents in Ballston Spa, NY.  Her dad loved the greenhouse and delivery portion of the business, while her mom focused on building customer relationships and using her creativity to design beautiful bouquets.  Together, they complemented one another’s gifts.

Sally’s parents, Jack and Arlene Melander in their flower shop.

Sally never worked in her parent’s flower shop because she was too young to help when they owned it. During the early years of In Bloom Florist, she was working in the multifamily industry and growing a strong background in operational management. Some of her leadership responsibilities included marketing, training, computer operations and auditing programs. In addition to this experience, like John, she loves to exceed customers’ expectations.

In 2001, Sally joined In Bloom and was struck by the loyal customer relationships that John cultivated. She remembers answering the phone during her initial involvement with the shops and was speaking to a man who lived out of state who was sending flowers to his wife, also out of state. Sally asked the man, “Why do you call In Bloom Florist, when there are other shops closer to your home?” He answered, “John and I have worked together for almost twenty years. It doesn’t matter what I need he takes care of it. If he is sending the order to a florist out of town, I know that he will personally guarantee that the product and service will be uncompromised.”

Rising Above Challenges

John and Sally with their daughter, Corissa and son, Tyler.

By 2008, John and Sally’s children were both in college and their business growth pushed beyond the walls of their original Orlando facilities. They found a more desirable location that also provided enough space to put the entire Orlando operation under one roof.  When they first moved into the vacant space, the family took an opportunity for a little flower fun.
And then the bottom fell out.

It was the beginning of 2009 during the Great Recession. Their business declined 40% virtually overnight, forcing them to let go of some of their staff. John and Sally ended up selling their home in order to employ as many as they could and cut the costs for their living expenses. At this time, they even had an employee who was sleeping in his car. They brought in a mattress from their soon-to-be-empty home and invited him to use part of their empty business.

But this, of course, wasn’t the end of their story. They needed each member of the team and each employee leaned in. They got inventive and started reaching into the community and inviting people to their shop in the middle of their quietness. They became a stronger couple and their business became a neighbor, a friend, a refuge.  

This time period impacted John and Sally greatly and it redefined how they decided to run their business.  They still wanted to offer the best product and service to their customers, but they also wanted to ensure that they were mindfully committed to their employees and their community.

In Bloom Today

Since that time, their business has grown well beyond the losses they incurred that year and they have added new roles to the company. There have been many challenges and successes over the years and John and Sally look forward to continuing to find solutions and time to celebrate.

With their employees, their community, their family and each other, they can accomplish anything.

John and Sally’s family.

Mother’s Day 2017


The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all ~ Walt DisneyIn some ways Mother’s Day feels like eons ago. In other ways… We are still recovering here at In Bloom Florist. Maybe you can imagine what it’s like working at a florist on the second busiest floral day of the year (only behind Valentine’s Day), it’s a crazy busy time under the ideal circumstances. This year, let’s just say – we had less than the best of circumstances. In fact, we lost all of our technology. Everything from how orders are taken, to how they get routed for delivery.  It made for an interesting several days for sure. In the end, our amazing team made miracles happen and thousands of moms received beautiful flowers ordered, prepared, and delivered, with love — and maybe a few tears. Several days later the first lady of In Bloom Florist, (Sally) brought each one of the employees a thoughtful and heartfelt token of her and John’s appreciation. She posted a lovely message on her personal Instagram – shared below with her permission. Not only is In Bloom Florist the best place for all of your floral needs, it’s a pretty amazing place to be part of the team.

From Sally’s Instagram: 

“Mother’s Day was different this year at In Bloom Florist. Our computer system was having issues and only allowed us to process one order at a time for our company. Consequently, we ended up taking almost all of our orders manually (on these pink forms). Then, we worked around the clock entering the information into our system. Through this entire process, our team was professional and positive. John and I are incredibly blessed to work alongside the #BestOfTheBest. After we made it through the holiday, we had these quotes created by Bloom Wolf Studio and passed them out to everyone as a “thank you” for EVERYTHING they did to help us be successful. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without the individual effort of each member of our team. Our heart is filled with gratitude.”


In Bloom Florist Mothers Day

“With our heartfelt gratitude for all you did to help us succeed at In Bloom Florist Mother’s Day 2017”


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A Mother’s Heart – Fostering Love

Melanie Stimmell and Family In Bloom Florist

“Six years into motherhood I realized that I’d found a bigger purpose… Children in the Foster System need strong families to advocate for them, love them, and to fight for their needs. It’s a blessing to be that person. “ Melanie Stimmell


When you are headed to a photo shoot that will include 12 children, you prepare for anything. After our session with this awesome family, I realized that is exactly how Melanie Stimmell handles every day as their mom!

David and Melanie Stimmell have fostered over 50 children, and as Melanie says, “We have loved them with everything we have, and watched with joy as they were reunited with their families.” She goes on to say “Fostering is super fun and yet, really hard. Loving someone else’s child while they are going through some really hard stuff is what we are called to do.” And they do it so well.

The Stimmell family home is joy-filled and fun. We arrived not long after the family returned from church and it was impressive how quickly they regrouped for our photo session. All of the children were excited to be celebrating Melanie for Mother’s Day (and getting their very own Sunflower)! We were missing the 2 oldest children but solved that issue when someone marched their photos to the steps to the house where we did our session. Perfect!

When asked asked about her family, Melanie had this to say…

“Our family is the definition of organized chaos. We love hard, play hard, love to camp, enjoy the beach, eat lots of food, and enjoy all the moments we get each day. Some days are a bit crazy and others are full of fun. This mom has lots of homework, food, laundry, shoes, socks, and toys everywhere — and there may be a little dust. Yet, at the end of the day, we love each other and stand together as a strong team. As mom of these sweet children, I feel all the same things as other moms do, abundant love, joy, peace, worry, and fear. Times 12.”

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Keeping up with the Joneses

Penny Jones and Family In Bloom Florist

“Self care is vital when raising so many dynamic personalities.” Penny Jones on Motherhood..


Some children are born of your womb, and some are born of your heart. Penny Jones has been fortunate through both of those birth experiences. The biological mother of two (awesome!) sons, Ryan (24), and Will (22), she is also the adopted mother of three (adorable!) siblings Talia (10), Icesis (8), & Timothy (7). We were fortunate to meet them all at Cranes Roost Park on a lovely morning to celebrate Mother’s Day and honor Penny.


I asked Penny what her greatest challenge is as a mom:

“As a single mom, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. The three youngest Joneses are extremely bright and curious. They are constantly into something! (laughter).”


And your greatest adventure?

“Last summer, I drove to Tennessee with the three youngest to Nashville to meet their new family. They had never been outside of Florida. It was a blast!”


What about your most rewarding experiences?

“Watching my sons mature into adulthood!!!  Ryan, recently purchased a town home without any assistance!  And helping the three youngest heal and deal with their fears is incredibly rewarding.”


Penny Jones is also the Founder and President of The Penny Project, Inc., founded in 2014 after the brutal murder of her former foster child Tariji Gordon. You can read more and assist here. 


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