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DIY Blooming Easter Eggs

Eggs that Bloom! Getting tired of doing the same Easter tablescape every year? Take your traditional Easter eggs to a whole other level with this fun DIY Blooming Egg activity, perfect for the whole family! Floral Eggs Items you… Read More about DIY Blooming Easter Eggs »
Posted by In Bloom Florist on April 13, 2022 | Last Updated: April 14, 2022 Other

November Plant: Money Tree

Our November Plant Of The Month: Money Tree – Guiana Chestnut Pachira aquatica These cute mini-trees with a braided-like trunk are called Money Tree, or Guiana Chestnut. They make a great indoor tree and are low-maintenance houseplants. Keep… Read More about November Plant: Money Tree »
Posted by In Bloom Florist on October 31, 2021 | Last Updated: November 1, 2021 Other