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August Plant: Ferns

Our August Plant Of The Month: Ferns Polypodiopsida, Asplenium Nidus, Tracheophyte Ferns are abundant in Florida. They come in so many ways and they are “overtakers”. They grow like a weed but are such unique green plants… Read More about August Plant: Ferns »
Posted by In Bloom Florist on July 26, 2021 Other

July Plant: Cactus

Our July Plant Of The Month: Cactus Cactaceae The July plant of the month comes in all shapes and sizes, some have beautiful blooms and some may prick you. Cacti are very self-sufficient, they can withstand… Read More about July Plant: Cactus »
Posted by In Bloom Florist on June 22, 2021 | Last Updated: June 25, 2021 Other